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You’ve got an awesome idea!

One day you were just going about your normal activities when it hit you! Your great idea!! So you let it stew a bit, thinking of different ways this idea could be turned into a product or service, and brainstorming how the idea might positively impact people by solving problems or enhancing lives. You searched the web for similar concepts. You ran the idea past a few close friends or family members to see what they thought. You knew this idea could be the start of a high impact and lucrative business if you could just get the pieces together. But writing code and developing apps is not something with which you have any experience. That’s where we can help!


We help you become lean.

“If we build it they will come.” This is one of the most dangerous mentalities a startup can have. The top reason startups fail is when the founders build a product nobody wanted, rather than addressing the actual market needs. In order to address the market needs, it’s important to get feedback early and often from your customers or users. This process is known as validated learning and it’s a crucial step when building things that people want to use. According to lean startup methodology, consistently iterating the build-measure-learn cycle is the fundamental activity in which a startup should be engaged.  Using a lean approach, we can help you build something that people want to use more rapidly and less expensively.


Then we get working, together.

At this point, we have already talked business, we have a game plan, and now it’s time to execute. Rather than going back to our dark underground programmer lair to work on your project in solitary, we keep you involved through every step of the development process. We’ll have regular check-in meetings to assess where we are and in which direction we are headed. Rather than defining a hard destination up front and following a plan, we keep ourselves adaptable so we can apply the validated learning from our build-measure-learn cycles to each new iteration.


Finally… Epic launch party!!!

Well, this is pretty much our favorite part, and probably your favorite part as well! By the time we are done with the build, it’s like we are parents of a beautiful child that has just grown up… except, well, it’s software. And it only took a few months. Moments like this call for celebration, but the job’s not done here! A successful startup stays nimble and responds to user feedback and industry changes, and scales with user growth. We will be there by your side to guide you through each step of the way so that you can continue to build your startup into the successful business you’d always envisioned! At least, since you had your awesome idea.

We work with startups on cash and equity based arrangements.