Adwords and your site quality rating

Before starting your Adwords campaign, there are several factors you should determine. Google’s sole purpose is to provide relevant high authoritative content to its users. Naturally, they will have a system in place to rank the best sites in the highest position. It is known as an algorithm. An algorithm is a finite sequence of instruction to determine an outcome. Google’s organic listings have always been based on large number of factors such as quality, relevance, authority, age, and so on. Recently Google has announced changes in the algorithm of their Adwords division. Prior, it was based mostly on cost per click and the keywords chosen, but Google has released that Adwords will now rank sites quality and relevance as well. If your site lacks certain criteria it could diminish the efficiency of your bid or in worse situations render your campaign ineffective. For details on specifics about the subject please visit Adwords Support | Site Quality Rating.