Recognized as a Top 10 Philly Company

Curotec is a top 10 Philadelphia web designer on Clutch!

Clutch is an independent tech research firm based in Washington DC. They are a research, ratings and review platform. Their research methodology is based on client interviews, market presence, clientele and experience. According to Clutch, we “more than proved our commitment to providing exceptional service for our clients”. If you want to learn more, you can read our success stories and client interviews.

Curotec was featured as a top 10 web designer for Philadelphia yesterday in a press release sent out by Clutch. We were celebrated for our technical expertise, business acumen, and commitment to our clients. Clutch also reached out to Brian Dainis, founder and CEO of Curotec, to share his thoughts on popular CMS’s.

” Analyzing your users, and traffic patterns, understanding how they use your site and where your traffic comes from…We analyze stuff like that. We look at Google Analytics. We set up conversion funnels. We do multivariate and A/B testing to really get to the actual user experience that converts the best. So, just understanding all that stuff, where your traffic comes from and how you can maximize it. “

Brian shared his thoughts on the efforts that go into constructing powerful websites for our clients and it is an honor to be recognized for our detailed efforts and processes that go into crafting the best solutions. Curotec is growing quickly, but we are always committed to delivering great work for our clients, every single time.