New Update to Google Searches Reward Businesses Who Are Mobile Friendly… Mobilegeddon

Or… C’mon, It’s Not the End of the World

Only two weeks ago, Google made a significant update to its search algorithms. Now, while this sort of statement may not immediately resonate as compelling for business owners and executives, this particular update implemented on April 21st and coined, “Mobilegeddon” by the tech-savvy, has signaled a pivotal paradigm shift for any business for whom a website is key to its marketing strategy (in other words, all of them). And those business leaders who understand, utilize, and embrace this change to the online landscape will be poised to stand out in the ever-evolving market place. I’m going to walk you through exactly what has changed, how you can take advantage of it, and why it is critical that you do so.

So what was this big change? I’m glad you asked. Google’s search result algorithms will now be boosting the rankings of mobile friendly websites in users’ searches. Put plainly, if your business’s site is mobile friendly, ie. optimized for smart phones, tablets, and small screens in general, Google searches will give greater weight to it when organizing their results. So by avoiding the natural pitfalls involved in PC-to-device site conversion (text requiring zooming, improper spacing, unavoidable audio content, etc.), which is a good idea anyway, Google is now rewarding this by essentially amplifying your marketing outreach; automatically.

The reason for this is simple. Google recognizes, as I am sure you have as well, that mobile device usage among consumers is on the rise at a staggering rate. 75%+ of users expect websites to be mobile friendly. Additionally, statistics also show that 61% of users whose expectations of mobile friendliness aren’t met are more likely to go to a competitor’s site where they are. That, in and of itself, should indicate just how important having a mobile friendly website is in today’s market. After all, one doesn’t typically attach an affectionate, “-geddon” to something that’s no big deal. Mobile friendliness now both helps get more searchers to your site, and helps keep them on your site.

So now we understand what has changed, and why it is so important. The natural question then becomes: how can this information be used to get your business the marketing edge? How can you ensure your company gains new customers, and retains existing customers, by keeping its website modern and mobile friendly? The answer lies in how desktop displays and mobile displays differ, and that is based on the image resolution (number of pixels) of a given screen. The larger a screen, the more pixels get displayed. There are several methods of making sure a website ports smoothly to screens with a smaller resolution. And not every solution is appropriate for every website, or every business. Curotec’s web gurus can help lay out the various options for mobile friendliness, and tailor a solution that makes the most sense for your website and your business. Curotec only designs and develops mobile friendly, and in most cases can do a complete mobile-friendly conversion for an existing site.

So if you’re not sure about the mobile friendliness of your website (or even if you are!), call Curotec today at 610-450-6599. Because if you’re not catering to the on-the-go consumers, tap-tap-tapping away at their phones and tablets and pads… believe me, somebody else is.