Going all Natural

It seems that these days everybody wants to go green or all natural. Well why not incorporate that into your Website. That’s right I said it. Make your website All Natural. One might ask, “How do you make a website all natural”? And I’m going to tell you.

I believe it is good practice to perform link building on any site you wish to rank in the SERPs, however, I believe there are ways to build your rank in a less conventional way. Sure, you could spend all of your time commenting on blogs and posting in forums. Then when you’re done with that why don’t you go out and submit your site to some directories and post some articles.  Just watch out for all of the nofollow tags, bad neighbors, risks of grey hat.

Or you could divide your time a little bit more equally by taking away a few of those hours from the blogs and forums and putting them back into your site. Try to figure out ways to make your site more interesting to your users. There are many ways to do this.  Include free information, tools, or services your users can get at the click of a mouse from your site.  Keep an up to date blog or forum yourself and work on building an online community for your niche. The list goes on and on, but when you think about it, it just makes sense. Making people want to come to your site is the best optimization out there. So go ahead and do some brainstorming on how you can draw natural traffic and build natural back links for your site and I assure you it will pay off.

-Brian Dainis