How to make your business look larger than life on the web

We see it again and again every day. Small mom and pop businesses are looking larger than life and stealing business from much larger companies with less effective internet marketing campaigns. In this day and age of the computer, you do not need to have a huge office or breathe taking storefront to be the big fish in the sea. The internet has opened up doorways for small businesses to claim their spot in the internet pond.

Your website is a crucial element to your success

It all starts with your website. To be successful, you need successful planning strategies. Jumping in with a basic website, no online marketing strategy, and high hopes will not return the results many people expect when getting on the internet for the first time. Before starting anything, it is essential that the proper research is done to determine what keywords, key phrases, geographic areas, and demographic will be the target of the site. Without knowing the statistics for these very important aspects of your internet marketing campaign you are setting sail blind and in the internet world, an uneducated guess is as good as a worthless promise.

Things to help kick start your websites success

Things you need to keep in mind when initiating your internet marketing campaign or hiring a company to do it for you:

  • What is my target demographic and geographic area?
  • Am I targeting lots of small keywords, or a few big ones?
  • What kind of search volume does your chosen keyword get?
  • What keywords is your direct competition going after?
  • Do I have the proper strategies in place to successfully acquire my desired keywords?
  • Is my website built with the current web standards?
  • Will the design and functionality of my site help keep visitors on my site and give them incentive to return often?

Focus on your website conversions

Although, it is very important to get on the first page of your desired keywords, it is not the entire battle. You could be getting all the traffic in the world and if you are not able to convert visitors into buyers / customers / site users, your site is not doing its job. In order to determine the success rate of your site, you will need to track your site statistics and continuously take actions to better the performance and usability of your site.

This is a very basic guide to the fundamentals of developing a successful site and an internet marketing strategy and there is also allot of very small details that must  be considered. Check back in the future as we will elaborate on these details over time. Thank you for reading this article and if you have any questions regarding your internet marketing campaign, we encourage you to contact us here.