Harnessing the Raw Power Inherent in Your Raw Data


Certain things which used to be hot, trendy, buzz-word type concepts like having a web presence, cultivating a unique brand, or launching an online marketing campaign, have now become the default. Pre-requisites, if you will, in today’s business landscape. But there is one particular such resource which, to our astonishment, we still see companies leave untapped on a regular basis. And it’s one that, when harnessed properly, can be one of the most powerful weapons in a business’s arsenal. And that is analytics.

Oooh, analytics! It sounds exotic, right? And like, “having a website,” perhaps at one point analytics was a pretty impressive topic to bring up at a social gathering. But also like, “having a web site,” analytics, or more accurately the proper use of analytics, has crossed the threshold past ubiquitous, all the way into pre-requisite territory. So what is this rare speckled beast about which we speak? Put simply, analytics is your company’s collection of generated data. And the analysis of that data can tell you some incredible things, and can be essential to virtually every department within an organization. If you choose to look.

A simple example might be marketing. Data can tell you when a campaign is or isn’t working, if a website is or isn’t getting traffic, things like that. But that should be fairly obvious to anyone paying attention even a little bit. But a closer inspection of that data can help explain why a campaign has or hasn’t been a success, to whom it has or hasn’t been reaching, and how. It can help a company to pin-point its most profitable demographics, and give concrete clues as to what they want, and how they want it delivered. And when. And why. Etc.

Another area where putting analytics under the microscope can be a boon is internally. It can let an executive or department head know precisely the ins and outs of a given operation in microscopic detail. And even if one is not so inclined to take such a fine tooth comb to his or her business’s inner workings, even a cursory glance at this sort of analysis can be a catalyst for major profit-increasing or loss-reducing measures that might never have even come up had the data not whispered about it. Listen to your data. It’s got secrets to tell you!

So if there is a take-away here, and there is, it would be to not ignore your data! One of our services here at Curotec is giving you the means and methods to harnessing this exotic power called analytics, as it becomes more and more of a standard thing to do. Let us show you how to get your maximum ROI via a comprehensive analysis of the very data your business can’t help but generate anyway. Because by paying attention, close attention, to your analytics, you can convert all those 1‘s and 0‘s floating in the air into more 1‘s and 0‘s on your balance sheets.