Artificial Intelligence and what it will mean for business

Artificial Intelligence has been the recent debate of many technology discussions. It is a very new and interesting topic to discuss and I personally look forward to the advancement of the field. To some people AI can be a frightening thought and can come along with an idea of talking robots taking over the world. But to truly define AI you must first ask what AI is? AI is the study and design of a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. If you look at some of today’s complex computing algorithms, we can see a bit of AI influence in our current technology.

Artificial Intelligence Development

Google is among the leaders in AI development and has actually implemented a very primal AI into their own software. When you are using web software and talking to friends on social media networks, have you ever noticed that a lot of the ads you see displayed to you are very relevant to your topic of discussion online? This is because companies like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook use these complex algorithms to base your ad results on your recent search and account history to display an ad that you will be more likely to click. Not only does this increase the value of the online advertising, but it also helps to make the ads less annoying and in some cases a favor to the end user.

AI is such an infant as is the internet and it is very hard to predict what we will discover next. There has also been much philosophical discussion and discussion of morality when on the topic of AI. Some people ponder whether our AI systems could ever get to a point where they could have a consciousness and freedom of belief. To rest the minds of people with these fears, we are far off from having technology of that complexity. AI will continue to advance and we will continue to learn more about how to use it to better our lives.

AI Impact on Society

In my opinion AI will have its greatest impact on our economy and the success of business. AI could also be implemented for things like getting a second opinion when going to the doctor, making better stock trading decisions, making our roadways safer, aviation, and even making available a toy that could operate and learn like a true friend.

I also believe AI will have a huge impact on the web design, marketing, and advertising industry. Slowly our lives are going to the cloud (Cloud computing describes computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services). Eventually all of the world communication, data, and technology infrastructure will be in the cloud as well. So it is no surprise that businesses and marketing have begun to emphasize this area. With the ability to port information anywhere at any time and with the amount of people utilizing such a system, advertisers will be able to get a personally targeted message to their absolute ideal prospects. If you haven’t already noticed this happening on your smartphone or Facebook page, you will.