The all Important Title tag

This article is going to be about, “you guessed it”, title tags. So what is a title tag anyway?

Well they look a little something like this – <title>Your Title here</title>, and not only do they act as the title of your page, but they have alot to do with what keywords your page is going to rank for.  When you make a search and are looking through the SERPs, all of those short descriptive links you see ten per page are the title tags of those pages they go to. So now we know that title tags not only have alot to do with your site optimization, but also can be the first thing a potential site user will see.

What should you put in your title tag?

This tag is just what is says, the title of that particular page. Every page in your site should have a different title that sums up that page. It is also important to use keywords in your title tags as well. I will put an example below of a good title tag to use on the home page of an appliance repair company based in Miami.

<title>Appliance Today Inc. – Appliance Repair Miami – Appliance Service Miami – New and Used Appliances and Parts</title>

Not only does this tag give the user a very good understanding of what the page is about and what they can expect when clicking this link, but it also strategically uses the sites’ main keywords in the tag.

Many times SEO’s will tell you that lower competition keywords can be achieved just by adjusting the title tags alone.

Thank you for reading and have fun coding and designing.