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Becoming an Agile Company

Agile is a proven means of accelerating value in the IT organization and transforming your teams to bring business and technology groups into closer alignment. Saying you’re moving to agile is easier than doing it, however. To enjoy its benefits, you first have to understand and adopt a process that works for your company.

Our Agile Consulting Areas of Focus


Understand your current process state and adjustments needed to make the process work for you.


A roadmap for embracing agile, from the team level to organizational adoption.


Review and analysis of your current application of agile, and recommendations on how to customize the process for your unique needs.


Take your agile practice to the next level by learning to scale it to larger projects and teams.

Organizational Coaching & Training

A benefit of agile is involvement by the business and tech teams. We’ll train your cross-functional teams to get the most from the process.

Bridge Resources

Get help with projects to keep them on track while your team implements agile processes for long term success.

The Advantages of Agile for Your Organization

Agile offers more to organizations than just accelerated delivery. When implemented correctly or fine-tuned to match your company, agile has the potential to transform how the organization works together.


Some of the key areas that Agile can transform your delivery of IT

  • Encourages stakeholder involvement in projects
  • Focuses on business value, not features
  • Early and regular delivery of functional project elements
  • Adds transparency to the development process
  • Encourages innovation
  • Puts the spotlight on user needs
  • Improves product quality

Curotec Can Help You Realize the Potential of an Agile Organization

Successfully implementing agile can be easier than you think with expert guidance and consultants to get you past the initial stages.


Agile is in our DNA

From a roadmap for adopting processes to educating the entire business on participation for maximum value, Curotec has the experience and talent to help you effectively and efficiently implement agile practices within your organization.

Mentor teams how to work within the methodology framework.

Evaluate existing practices to dial in the right process for your company.

Listen and offer a plan of action to overcome implementation concerns.

Assist with projects for teams to see agile in action.

Let our Agile Experience
Simplify Your Transition

We practice what we teach. Curotec is an agile organization, so we know first hand the benefits of becoming Agile, and the challenges that can come with implementation. Let our experience be your guide.