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Build Efficiency into Your Enterprise Applications

Businesses depend on numerous applications to run, every day. Some are cloud-based SaaS applications harnessing the power of the Internet for flexibility and cost reduction. Some are custom solutions built by you and hosted, managed, and maintained by your organization’s IT resources. Still more are third-party applications needed to run the business. But the one thing most of them share in common? They don’t talk to each other “out of the box.”

The data needed in HR from its cloud-based ERP doesn’t look anything like the information your on-premise access management system requires. The sales team is working off of one set of CRM data. Marketing is working off another for campaigns. All of this means the gains you get with new software and SaaS implementations are lost in confusion, mistakes, and duplication of effort.

It’s not much better for your IT teams. Today’s application and integration tools are different, and in many ways more sophisticated, than traditional integration tools. Getting older systems to talk to your cloud apps, or newer systems to talk to one another, takes a special set of knowledge and experience. This is the kind of knowledge and experience Curotec brings to the table.

Curotec will help you examine your organization’s processes and needs from your SaaS and CRM applications and architect a solution that integrates your enterprise software seamlessly.

Web Services

Web services define software interfaces as part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model. These services allow applications to exchange information safely and consistently with each other, without needing a person in the middle and without requiring changes to the underlying applications. There are a number of factors that go into designing the right web services for your applications, including business logic, database structure, security, and availability. You need a partner that looks beyond merely connecting two systems; one that sees your organization’s needs as more than just developing REST and SOAP services and instead strives to understand what will make your business more efficient – A partner like Curotec.

SaaS Integration

Cloud-hosted software, or SaaS applications, can seem like the answer to many business challenges. But many SaaS implementations leave you hanging when it comes to integrating with your on-premise software. And connecting to cloud applications can be overwhelming to teams used to building with traditional integration tools. That’s where we come in. From assisting with the evaluation of cloud apps for integration complexity to architecting and building the connections between on-premise and cloud implementations, Curotec has the experience to bring even greater value to your business systems.