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Philadelphia Salesforce Consulting Agency

Do you need help extending Salesforce into a feature-rich mobile or web application that can be made available to your customers and employees? We would be happy to help! Salesforce is already a very powerful CRM sales tool, but it can also be used as a powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) back-end for custom apps of all shapes and sizes. The scope ranges from integrating web form handlers into the Salesforce APIs for automated data entry, up to enterprise level social engagement communities. Below are a few of the possible service offerings we can provide in partnership with EigenX.


Education Community Development

One of our unique offers combines the concept of social community development with custom SalesForce-driven web and mobile apps geared specifically for higher education institutions to get more out of their engagement strategies. The idea behind this is to keep your students, alumni, and faculty members constantly engaged in an online social setting while facilitating real-life personal connections, providing valuable resources, and collecting real-time metrics on your community’s user base. The community can then be leveraged by the university to engage students and alumni for prospective student referrals and university donations. If you would like to learn more about how this offering can fit into your organization, we would love to open up a discussion with your team!

Visualforce Page Development

Would you like to extend Salesforce into a custom web application that can be accessed by any users of your choosing, with the permissions of your choosing? Then Force.com is right for you! Using Force.com, we can create a fully customized user interface stacked with custom application logic hosted in the Salesforce cloud, giving your application access to all of your Salesforce data. Practical uses can include customer support forums, user knowledge bases, custom back office utilities, and more.

Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce is already a powerful CRM tool used by thousands of sales teams around the world. Despite the fact that user adoption of Salesforce is typically high among teams using it, there can be some aspects of the tool that are time-consuming to manage. We can make this less of an issue by integrating Salesforce wherever possible into your business workflow. Some of the key places this could be done include web lead forms, other sales and marketing platforms, custom in-house software systems, and more!