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UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design are among the areas in which we particularly excel. We see user experience development as a process that starts with carefully defining the product or service with which the user will be interacting, and then carry over to user demographics, psychology-driven design principles, and information structure. The most important goal throughout the process is to maintain a level of simplicity and intuition, so when users land on your screen they just know what to do. Every UX is unique with its own specific nuances, but below you can find some of the common principles that go into a great UX.

Key Elements of Great UX Design

  1. Visual design elements – The visual design aspect of a UI encompasses the aesthetic look and feel of the application human interface. This includes the colors, placement, size, and overall representation of the information accessed by users. There is a lot of psychology that goes into how users perceive different design techniques and which styles are most effective to different types of audiences.
  2. Usability and accessibility – There are so many different ways users consume information and interact with technology these days. Some of the common ways are websites, Android apps, iOS apps, and the list continues. There are people who even run apps on their “smart” kitchen appliances. This means a good UX has UI design that can transcend the variety of devices, browsers, OSs, and numerous other variables in today’s technology ecosystem.
  3. Information architecture – This is the art and science that goes into structuring information within a UI in the most aesthetic and intuitive way possible. Users can be lazy or impatient; if your information is not clearly structured for them to navigate and consume, they will likely go elsewhere for it.
  4. Simplicity – When it comes to user experience design, simplicity is always the best policy. There have been many studies, such as those performed by the Harvard Business Review, which have indicated a direct correlation between the rate at which customers convert and users return, and the simplicity of UI interaction.
  5. Interactive Design – Meaningful and collaborative engagement is the essence of good interactive design. Having a simple message, clear goals, and an intuitive process for achieving those goals are what lead to a successful interactive design.
  6. Quick and Responsive – Users don’t like to wait around for your screens to load. If they see the progress bar for too long, they are likely to go elsewhere. Optimizing server responses and loading times will greatly improve any user experience. We will make your website fly!