Coldfusion Development Company

Coldfusion is a commercial development language and rapid application development platform owned and maintained by Adobe, and has been used in production since 1995. Coldfusion has survived several acquisitions in the two decades it’s been around, and is still used in production environments today by many fortune 500 companies. This framework is both fast and scalable, making it a safe choice for high traffic websites and applications. The Coldfusion platform is optimized for rapid development, reducing the development cycle and time to production-stable code.

Migrating to Coldfusion 11

With the 2014 release of Coldfusion 11, many of the features previously deprecated in Coldfusion 10 have now removed completely. This requires any companies moving to Coldfusion 11 to overhaul their existing code base to remove any tags and functions that are no longer a part of the new version. Keeping any software system or application framework up to date is important for many reasons, but perhaps the most important is for security. Running a web application with known vulnerabilities makes your company an open target for attackers to abuse your website or application for malicious purposes.

The Benefits of Using Coldfusion

  • Efficient high level development
  • Interoperable using XML, JSON, many different databases and more
  • Strong community and professional support by Adobe
  • Simple to make calls to the database
  • Client side and server side cache management

Who Uses Coldfusion

  • Adobe
  • Target
  • Oracle
  • Usbank
  • Calstate
  • Prudential