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Linux/Unix support company

Linux and Unix are both extremely powerful operating systems that power most of the world’s supercomputers, along with many of the websites and web services we depend on every day to enrich our lives and conduct business. Linux and Unix can be used for many things in a business environment, including serving web pages, sending raw data to mobile apps, and running internal business software. Most businesses can agree that when their servers go down they are either losing money or minimizing their ability to serve their customers. This is why we offer proactive solutions to keep you up and running when you need it most.

Linux Security

Security is a major focal point in today’s world. We hear all too often about companies being hacked and sensitive information being exposed. Many businesses are at risk and don’t even know it. It’s very important to keep your software up to date and to harden your environment against attackers. We offer a full system analysis and proactive security planning to give your company and its customers peace of mind.

Scaling your Linux environment

We hear this a lot from startups when they are first launching their product to a small user base: “having too many users would be a good problem to have.” While having a large number of users can be a great thing, it can also lead your business down a path of unreliability and distrust among users if you’re not set up to handle the traffic load. Our team has experience load balancing web environments using elastic cloud solutions and physical hardware, so when your product has a traffic burst, your system can scale to handle the load.

Linux cloud-hosting support

Cloud hosting is a wonderful solution for many businesses since it does not require the company to worry about hardware management. Instead, the cloud hosting vendor will have hardware clusters in place with enough redundancy that any single point of failure will not affect your application uptime. Properly managing these cloud environments can be a challenge for some companies due to the complexity involved in creating, configuring, and managing instances. We have expert skills with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace Cloud, Codero Cloud, Linode, and many more.