Ecommerce Development

It doesn’t matter if you sell one product online or thousands. Or if you sell directly to customers or other businesses. You need an eCommerce system that meets your needs and is ready to scale with you.

Sure, you could build your store on an eCommerce platform that does the basics. But you’ll spend more time managing it than your business. The right solution will enable your growth, not hinder it.

You need a partner that will take the time to understand your business. One that will match your needs with the right platform, not just the one they know. One that knows how to customize that solution to make it work for you.

Curotec does all of that, and more. We’ll leverage our extensive experience to bring you a solution that does more than you ever thought your eCommerce system could.

eCommerce Security

It’s natural to worry about the security of your online presence, and your customer’s information. We’ll help you keep an eye on the store with secure and scalable solutions.

Total Integration

The days of manually entering inventory changes and accounting updates are in the past. Curotec can integrate your eCommerce solution with your inventory management, your accounting systems, shippers and payment services.

Data Analytics

With the data you’ll get from a Curotec eCommerce solution, you’ll understand your customers better. Know what products people look at (but don’t buy), which ones encourage them to buy more, what products have seasonal appeal, and so much more.

Works with your Marketing

The right eCommerce system can bolster your existing and future marketing efforts. From social media sharing in store, to back end features like cart abandonment remarketing and marketing automation campaigns, we’ll create a solution that works hard for you.