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System Administration

The unseen systems that run your business’s day-to-day IT and internet operations may be out of sight, but should never be out of mind. These systems are absolutely essential for running your website and applications in today’s business world. Just as your website and software applications need to be maintained and administered properly, the systems on which they run require just as much care and attention. Without system infrastructure in good health, these applications simply won’t work the way they must.

The administration of key systems allows your business to continue to run without interruption by reducing downtime, maximizing resources, and keeping you running smoothly. When you turn to Curotec for your systems administration, you can be sure that you will always have a skilled professional available to assist.

We offer:

  • System audits
  • Managed services
  • System scanning and automation
  • Managed offsite backups
  • System upgrades
  • Software and application migrations
  • Performance enhancements
  • Security hardening