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Website Maintenance Company

We offer custom website maintenance packages for companies and website owners who will need changes and updates to their websites on a regular basis. This includes everything from content and graphics changes to entire layout redesigns and feature development.

Did you know that putting fresh content on your website and keeping it up to date with industry trends can help you attract more visitors and get higher rankings on search engines? This is yet another competitive advantage you’ll get from a partnership with Curotec!

Professional Website Maintenance

Here are a few examples of what we offer:

  • Making regular site edits and modifications
  • Maintaining a website built by another vendor
  • Integrate and expand an existing website with CMS and e-commerce functionality
  • Edit content and images on a site to reflect the change and evolution of a company
  • Keeping the code and plugins up to date

We can offer these services on a project to project basis, or on a monthly basis, depending on your company’s needs.