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A Simplified Pharmacy
Ordering Solution

The Challenge

A major regional provider of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical supplies, and durable medical equipment for the long-term care community needed a new online ordering system.

More specifically, this company wanted a custom online ordering solution through which its client’s personnel could log in, shop, and order as needed. It also wanted clients to be able to set up a “Favorites” list of products they used a lot, and so establish “quick links” to re-order easily.

Historically, their legacy ordering system was very cumbersome and did not easily manage the new-client onboarding process, which included in many cases complex negotiated pricing structures. As a result, it took 40+ man hours to onboard a new customer into the legacy ordering system.

The Solution

A lot of tech companies were considered for this work. Curotec won the project because of its strategic insight and approach to the project. It focused first on determining what the client was going to need this solution to do “tomorrow,” not just today, so it’d scale up successfully as the client base grew and evolved.

Once the plan was in place,

  • Curotec built a new, custom system to provide inventory management functions
  • Multiple price points per product to streamline negotiated pricing per customer
  • Multiple log-ins from the same account at the same time
  • Reduced customer onboarding time by over 10x
  • A search engine capability, and
  • A cloud-based order archive to allow buyers to retrieve old orders to revise for a new order, making their lives simpler.

Curotec made the client’s inventory database accessible, flexible, accurate, and able to manage 15,000+ items.

The Results

The client is thrilled with its new inventory and order management system. It’s very user-friendly and makes the lives of the clients much easier, so they’re more likely to stay clients and order more frequently.

Equally as important as the customer experience, Curotec was able to improve operational efficiency by decreasing the time to onboard new customers, give sales teams more flexibility in how they sell pricing tiers, and reduce internal costs to onboard new customers.

These advantages have allowed the company to focus less on internal technology restraints and more on winning new customers and servicing the existing customers it has, further boosting its position as a market leader in the pharmaceutical and medical supply industry.

Our Expertise

If your business is in the pharmaceutical and medical supply industry and you find similar challenges exist within your organization, we can apply the lessons learned here to increase customer engagement, reduce process overhead and digitally transform your technology strategy. Contact us for a free consultation or discovery workshop session. 

Curotec always put our best interests first. No problem I threw at them was too tough to solve. And they did an amazing job on our limited budget!

  • Director of Operations