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Construction Credit Company
Digital Transformation

The Challenge

BICA is the industry leader in the construction credit services, mechanics liens, and preliminary notices business. What sets BICA apart from other industry competitors is the detailed verification process BICA goes through for each of its clients to ensure accuracy in the data they provide.

BICA was faced with a big challenge in 2015/2016. Although it was offering the highest quality service in the industry, its business software, customer portal, public website, and overall use of technology was lagging behind and customers were starting to ask for better digital tools to engage with BICA. The BICA leadership team knew it had to adapt or it would quickly fall behind in the market. In addition to lacking a great customer portal, BICA had a public website that poorly represented the brand and was next to impossible to find on search engines, including when searching for the term “BICA” and “Building Industry Credit Association”.

BICA needed a strong technology partner strategically to walk it through the strategy, design, development, and implementation of an organization-wide digital transformation. There was also an existing in-house database system that integrated with a number of other tools BICA used on a daily basis; so, it was critical that whatever systems get put in place fully utilize its existing ASE database system without major changes to the schema or infrastructure.  BICA reached out to over 10 tech agencies around the US, but ultimately choose Curotec because of the communication acumen, ability, and willingness to prove capabilities by solving quick challenges effectively, and the overall breadth of experience and skillsets.

Before the BICA tech overhaul:

After BICA’s Digital Transformation

The Solution

The solution for BICA was a complete overhaul of all customer-facing tools, the public website, SEO and digital marketing efforts, cloud infrastructure, and back-end systems. In order to do it effectively, the process started with strategy and planning, then moved into design and architecture, and finally was broken into development and deployment phases in order of priority.

A list of deliverables for BICA included:

  • Completely overhauled digital branding
  • A new modern public website
  • Mobile friendly experience
  • Complete overhaul of digital strategy and technical SEO
  • Re-architecture of database infrastructure and cloud systems
  • Strategy to redefine how customers engage with BICA
  • Development of a customer-facing web portal
  • A managed support process to maintain high-availability, security, and compliance standards

The Results

Since the BICA digital transformation, BICA has seen nearly a 6,000% increase in traffic!

In addition to the new traffic, the customer portal has been completely adopted by customers, with outstandingly positive feedback across the board. The new tech has given BICA the chance to retain existing customers and go after new customers that value great technology from their business partners. This has further cemented BICA as the leader in its industry.

In conclusion, the goals Curotec has accomplished and continues to build on for BICA include:

  • Making it easy to find BICA when trying to solve a construction credit, lien, or preliminary notice problem
  • Improving the customer experience of BICA
  • Reaffirming BICA’s competitive advantage
  • Helping BICA build a thought leadership strategy
  • Increasing internal process efficiency
  • Improving information security posture

Our Expertise

If you’re looking to overhaul your organization’s customer-facing portal, we can apply the lessons learned to increase your customer engagement, improve customer experience, and make internal processes more efficient for your team. Contact us for a free consultation or discovery workshop session. 

They’re just extremely good at what they do. I don’t think there was a time that any one of us felt that they weren’t listening to us. They were always conscious of our timeline and when we wanted things to get done.

  • Andrea Parisi, CEO