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Enterprise Employee Motivation
Assessment Platform

The Challenge

Historically, enterprise companies focused the majority of their budgets on customer experience and external marketing initiatives. Most companies failed to look internally at what their employees’ needed in order to feel passionate about the company’s vision and become aligned with the overall mission.

During the tech revolution, some companies began focusing on the workforce and trying to “engage” them to squeeze out more productivity. However, most of these efforts focused exclusively on extrinsic rewards (bonuses, gift cards, sales incentives, and other monetary or prize-driven incentives). Decades of research have proven this approach can have a positive boost for short-term employee engagement, but rarely results in a sustainable positive employee experience.

MotiveX saw an opportunity to rethink the entire process and strategy by focusing on the intrinsic motivation of the employee and aligning them for the optimal level of personal success. By understanding the employees’ inherent motivations and how best to position them in the organization, managers and team leaders can simultaneously increase employee productivity and employee satisfaction, resulting in a win-win situation for the company and individual employees.

The Solution

MotiveX partnered with Curotec to develop a first-of-its kind assessment platform that focuses directly on the intrinsic nature of the individual and provides a gap analysis report to managers along with distinct recommendations and action items to best align each person within his/her team.

Curotec developed the assessment platform, but also provided a number of other key services including:

  • Business technology strategy consulting
  • Developed a marketing website
  • Assessment UX design
  • Cloud infrastructure architecture for scalable growth
  • HRIS integration and data import
  • Custom back-end development
  • Developed a proprietary algorithm based on Ph.D. research findings
  • Developed a roadmap and integrated development process for future scalability of the platform

The Results

Since the MotiveX assessment platform launched, a number of Fortune 500 and enterprise clients have deployed the assessment tool to their employees and have already begun to reap the benefits of the data. Among the initial customers of the tool include a very well-known medical device and consumer product industry leader.

The overall sentiment from the human capital and business leader community has been overwhelmingly positive. This tool finally addresses the market and revolutionizes human capital metrics and the understanding of employee experience.

Due to the compelling results of the MotiveX Motivator platform, MotiveX Solutions has also since been acquired by Cravety. This acquisition will bring the technology to an even larger Fortune 500 audience.

Our Expertise

If your organization is interested in developing an assessment platform, we can apply the lessons learned to increase engagement, reduce process overhead, and leverage the power of data for business transformation. Contact us for a free consultation or discovery workshop session.

Curotec really dived in and understood the vision of our solution and, more importantly, our company strategy. We looked at several tech partners before hiring Curotec; ultimately we choose Curotec because it had a proven track building enterprise software.

  • Matt Johnson, CEO