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Multilingual 20+ Country
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The Challenge

Joie International, a large, multinational maker of infant and toddler products, is in over 20 countries around the world. But it was facing some online challenges. Its content management system (CMS), website, and user interface were badly in need of an overhaul. In the words of Marjori Masitto, Director of Creative Services, “We were making it too hard for people to buy our product!”

Not only that, but the US was having to manage the content and administrative work of each country’s website. Content and message coordination, not to mention technical support, was a major challenge.

The Solution

After an intensive vendor review, Joie selected Curotec, which had the right mix of technical know-how, multi-lingual site experience, and the willingness to custom-design a solution to solve each problem, no matter how big or small.

First, Curotec built a new website that better reflected how Joie wanted to be perceived by its target market. The new site was more attractive, easier to use, and mobile-optimized. Next, Curotec built a custom CMS platform that gave each country control of its own content and administration, in its native language, so that Joie could properly engage with local consumers for each of the global markets!

And, to boost sales success, Curotec developed highly engaging product pages and a new “store locator” function tailored to each country. Now customers can easily find a retailer nearby who carries Joie products.

The Results

Joie International is thrilled with its new site’s capabilities! Foreign affiliates can now manage their local websites and content without US support. More people are finding it easier to buy Joie products, increasing revenue and making it more appealing for other countries to want to carry Joie products. And the whole development and launch process was incredibly well-managed.

Masitto explains, “Curotec developed and built an awesome site and system for Joie! We finally have an interface that delivers product information and helps customers easily locate and buy our products. Not only that, but Curotec was a delight to work with. We always felt we were their top priority, every step of the way.”

Within the first year following launch of the new site, Joie has seen a 150%+ growth in website traffic which has translated to increased sales and revenue at the distributor level! 

Our Expertise

If you’re in charge of an international consumer brand and you’re looking to overhaul your web presence, we can apply the lessons learned to increase your customer engagement, reach a global audience and streamline content management processes for marketing teams. Contact us for a free consultation or discovery workshop session. 

Curotec was a delight to work with. We always felt we were their top priority, every step of the way.

  • Marjori Masitto,
    Marketing Director