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The Challenge

Students Run Philadelphia Style (SRPS) is one of the largest afterschool programs in the Philly region. The organization has been growing at a very fast pace in recent years due to the extremely positive impact and fun environment it fosters for its students and volunteers.

The challenge for SRPS was that while the growth was great for the organization, it was leading to major admin overhead that was required for compliance and management of the programs offered. The processes it was using was all done via paper forms and manual data entry. In order to keep growing, SRPS needed to find a way to leverage technology to automate and streamline its data management processes.

The Solution

Curotec helped SRPS redefine its existing methods of collecting and storing data using cutting edge mobile and web technologies.

The first step was to remove the need to manage paper forms and instead give the students and volunteers a mobile app where they could create an account, upload important documents, complete their profile, and gain access to information about SRPS and the team to which they belong.

Simultaneously, the SRPS office team needed the ability easily to verify student and volunteer information, confirm that all compliance items have been completed, view reports, and export data that needs to be sent to grant authorities.

The end product included an Android and iOS application as well as a comprehensive web-based admin tool for management of the system.

The Results

The new SRPS Course Map application allows the SRPS team to continue along its growth trajectory, signing up more and more students and volunteers in a more efficient manner so that the office team can focus on important growth initiatives.

Simultaneously, the overall user experience of the students and volunteers has improved greatly now that it is easier to register and submit information.

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