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Get top-notch developers from Latin America.

Ready to boost your product team with elite Latin American engineers at a fraction of the cost of a US developer? Fill out the form to request rates. 

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Trusted and top rated tech team

Magazine Jason Calacanis

Hiring LATAM developers is the new way to build product

"Curotec is the real deal! They have a deep bench of high-caliber product folks across Latin America that you can directly onboard to your product team on a contract basis. The companies I've seen using LATAM talent are getting more built at a major cost reduction. It's a real competitive advantage in 2024."

Mention TWiST and get 20% off your first month*

*For TWiST listeners, Curotec is offering 20% off your first month. This offer only applies to commitments of 12 months or greater. For commitments of 3 months or greater, you’ll receive 5% off your month.

Why partner with us for LATAM talent?

In today’s globalized tech landscape, nearshore software development has emerged as a strategic choice for organizations seeking to streamline their software projects. This approach offers multiple advantages.

Scalable access to top talent

Curotec offers access to a highly skilled pool of nearshore software developers. By choosing our nearshore development services, you'll be working with the best-in-industry Latin American-based software talent that you can scale quickly when you need to.

Cost efficiency

One significant advantage of outsourcing development nearshore is lower labor costs. With Curotec's nearshore software development services, companies can achieve substantial cost savings without compromising on the quality of their software projects.

Time zone alignment

Nearshore development allows for better synchronization of working hours with your in-house team, reducing communication delays and improving collaboration. Curotec offers a guarantee that your project progress will remain steady and efficient.

Excellent teamwork and communication

Our experienced engineers from Latin America understand the business culture of North American-based companies. This creates excellent alignment of work ethics and business practices, leading to smooth communication, understanding, and teamwork.

What to Expect

The average time from start to finish often takes one to two weeks. Ramp up in a fraction of the time of traditional hiring.

Our nearshore software development team spans:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Ecuador 
  • Colombia
  • Belize
  • Costa Rica

Work with Curotec for your software outsourcing initiatives!

Step 1

Tell us what you need.

Book a call to let us know who you need for your team along with how you’d like to qualify them. 

Step 2

We submit multiple qualified individuals to you.

We submit profiles within 24 – 48 hours and often faster.

Step 3

Shortlist your top picks for an interview.

The folks we’ve sent you have proven technical skills and communication ability. Now, you interview the shortlisted candidates to select the best fit for your company’s culture and technical needs. 

Step 4

Onboard your new team member!

Once you make your selection, it’s time to schedule onboarding, get your new team member ramped up, and start completing your tasks!

There is no obligation if you decide not to choose anybody, and you won’t owe us a penny.

We specialize in the following types of roles

Full-stack Developers

With a specialization in nearshore software development, we'll supply your engineering team with excellent candidates across all shores with quick turnaround.

Product Management

Lead your product to success with an experienced Nearshore Product Manager, Product Owner, and Scrum Master for your Agile team.

Software Architect

We'll supply your team with a highly experienced Nearshore Software Architect to ensure the right decisions are being made upfront so that your product is set up for success.

DevOps and Cloud

Our Nearshore DevOps and Cloud Engineers ensure that you keep infrastructure up and running, so your users always have access to a secure environment.

QA Engineers

With our Nearshore QA engineers, make sure your product is working well across all devices and ensure your features are doing what they should with support from QA.

UX Design

Leverage our Nearshore UX design team to build a stunning product that delights your users. Get a carefully thought-out interface that meets the specific needs of your users.

What our clients are saying

Working along side industry leaders

We’re more than just a development firm. Our clients rely on our industry-leading LATAM engineering talent as an integral part of their team — that is why CEOs, CTOs, and CMOs turn to Curotec.

Awards & Recognition

Inc. 5000

Philly 100

Civic 50

W3 Awards


Ready to have a conversation?

We’re here to discuss how we can partner, sharing our knowledge and experience for your product development needs. Get started driving your business forward.

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