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Digital Strategy and Web Design
for a Non-Profit Foundation

The Challenge

The Philadelphia Foundation is a charitable trust that is steeped in history. Initially founded in 1918, the foundation is a leader for change by connecting organizations with need with individuals with a desire to make a difference.

As the Philadelphia Foundation planned for its second century of service to the community, it was faced with several challenges. The primary challenge was the need to rework their branding to better reflect who they had become and where they are headed. The secondary challenge fed from the first – they needed to make significant changes to their web presence to reflect the new profile and to modernize the user experience.

Unfortunately, their existing site was not created with change in mind. Bloated and complicated to administer, the site was holding back the foundation from creating a new and fresh face for the web. Even basic administration required outside help.

Worse, the site – built on a heavy and rigid .Net framework – the site’s flow and usability hampered, instead of encouraged, users looking for information and ways to give. The complicated site structure made changing the UX nearly impossible. The foundation knew that some of the site’s functionality – such as the ability to accept online donations – was key to the project, but needed to be redeveloped to be more user-friendly for both visitors and staff.

The Solution

Wanting a partner that could help them with the website redesign while keeping in mind the foundation’s desire to keep the site updated with new programs and offerings, The Philadelphia Foundation chose Curotec for the project.

Curotec listened closely to the foundation’s concerns with their current site implementation and worked closely with foundation staff to understand what their needs would be at the relaunch as well as what their plans were for the future. From those conversations, Curotec began to design and develop a site to meet the foundation’s unique needs.

The new site was envisioned to be both dynamic and compatible across devices, creating a seamless omnichannel experience from mobile to tablet to desktop. Usability was reviewed and site hierarchy re-architected to improve flow and the user experience.

During the design phase, Curotec worked closely with the foundation’s marketing firm, partnering with them to keep the site inline with the brand’s reimagining. Curotec partnered with the marketing firm, leveraging the new brand guidelines to create a consistent style that mirrored the agency’s work.

Built on a WordPress base, Curotec ensured that the site would be easy for The Philadelphia Foundation staff to maintain. Custom fields and templates were used to streamline the backend user’s experience, and Curotec worked side by side with foundation staff to train them on the administration and care of the site. Key functionality – primarily the ability for a donor to choose where their donation goes – was recreated, simplified, and improved.

The Results

The new site excelled at matching the foundation’s new look and feel and mobile compatibility helped to modernize the brand. With a design and focus that spoke to the foundation’s increased outreach and vision for the future, the site was an instant success.

Since its launch in February of 2019, the foundation has experienced tremendous website growth across all measures. They have seen an increase in page views, unique visits, and sessions, and the numbers continue to grow.

As part of the overall brand relaunch, the website has provided a digital landing space for donors and community organizations alike to turn to for information and action. With more user focus in the site’s navigation and content, and improved overall user flow, and greater visibility, the foundation can be a better partner in helping to meet the community’s needs.

The benefits The Philadelphia Foundation realized thanks to the work with Curotec included:

  • Better visibility in the community
  • Simplified and streamlined site administration and maintenance
  • An improved user experience
  • Retainment and improvement of key site functionality
  • Larger website audience through increased visits and unique visitors
  • Alignment between new branding and the website
  • Compatibility across mobile and desktop

As a result of the impressive work and project outcomes, Curotec has become the technology partner for The Philadelphia Foundation. This partnership is allowing the foundation to find new and innovative ways to reach a greater audience in today’s digital world.

Our Expertise

If you’re a brand struggling with an old, bloated, and difficult to manage website and are looking for a new, clean look and cross-platform compatibility, we can apply our experience from this and many other successful website relaunches to improve usability, increase traffic, and simplify administration for your teams. Contact us for a free consultation or discovery workshop session.