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Company Bio

Curotec was founded in 2010 just outside of Philadelphia in an area known as the Philadelphia Main Line. We have a global presence with clients ranging from funded startups to Fortune 100 enterprises spanning a number of vertical industries.

The work we’ve done has won numerous awards and we’ve been recognized by global organizations for providing exceptional business value to our clients on a consistent basis. When it comes to digital business solutions, there is no challenge too large that we cannot tackle.

If your organization is looking for support on an upcoming initiative, don’t hesitate to reach out and begin a conversation with our team.

Exceptional Digital Experiences

Enterprise and SMB clients contact Curotec to get the best-in-class approach to digital experience. We treat every engagement like it’s our own business, starting with a comprehensive strategy boot camp and followed by design, development, integration, cloud deployment, training, and support.

Truly exceptional digital experiences rely on flawless design, frictionless technology, and smooth operation of the entire supporting infrastructure. That is why we approach every client with a holistic strategy and follow through on each component every step of the way.

Focus Areas

Start with Why

From the first day of planning, followed through to the support phase, we make sure we can answer the question of “why” for every decision and recommendation we make.

Data Rules

It’s impossible to know everything. That’s why we let the data guide us along the way to shed insight into the problems at hand and ultimately identify the right solutions.

Collaborative Environments

We work internally and with our clients in a collaborative way to ensure we are always delivering a solution that actually solves the business challenges.

with Longevity

We pride ourselves on building quality solutions and quality relationships with our clients. That is why our clients partner with us long term so that we can grow together.

Our Leadership

The Curotec team is passionate about the work we do, committed to our culture and process, and intelligent about our approach. 

Our Proven Framework

We have developed a proven framework with strategy as a guiding principle that we follow through from the beginning to the end of any engagement we take on. Our process framework results in high impact ROI that allows our clients to drive real measurable growth and continue to reinvest in their technology infrastructure.

And Our Expertise
Doesn't Stop There

We’ve got the knowledge and the experience to build the right solutions for your business when you need it. Solutions that will drive your business forward, freeing you to do the work of delighting your customers.