One Word: Success

Since 2010, success has been part of Curotec’s DNA. But for us, success doesn’t mean our growth or number of employees.

Our true measure of success is in the results we accomplish for our clients and ultimately the impact we have on their business.

What We Do

There is no better feeling than getting to do what you love for a living. And that’s what we do.

Our passion is using technology to help enterprises do what they love to do – better and more efficiently.

And our solutions aren’t meant to help today and be gone tomorrow. Thanks to the process we use to understand our client’s goals, we are able to create software applications that keep them moving forward well into the future.

Applications that Solve Problems for People

The greatest enterprise software in the world won’t solve any problems unless there is someone there to use it.

That’s why at Curotec our process starts with people. It starts with our clients telling us what they need. It starts with us, listening. Because what good is software that no one will use?

Our Core

Our core values drive everything we do:

Proven Partnerships – We work with our clients to ensure they are getting applications that actually solve their problems.
Complete Solutions – From discovery and user design through deployment and support, we cover the entire process.
Iterative Development – Business needs change. We take that into account, not in spite of our development process, but as an integral part of it.
Quality with Longevity – We pride ourselves on building a quality solution that will meet your enterprise’s needs today and tomorrow.

Our Leadership

Curotec was originally founded in 2010 by Brian Dainis and was later joined by Pam Long in 2014 during a merger between Curotec and Long CSI(founded in 1999 by Pam).

About Us

Curotec works with companies of all sizes ranging from high velocity start-ups to Fortune 500’s and we have a lot of fun doing it! It would be an understatement to say we love what we do! When taking a break from planning and coding, we may be sharing nerdy programmer jokes during our work day to keep things fun and exciting! If you know a good one, we want to hear it!