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Why build with WordPress?

WordPress is the single most used Content Management System (CMS) on the web. It’s used by some of the largest companies on the planet – including Disney, Microsoft, eBay, Toyota, UPS, Samsung, IBM, you get the point – and holds a 60% market share among CMS’s. That’s because WordPress is both robust and straightforward, with an easy to use content management interface and world-class extensibility. WordPress can be used not only to build amazing content-driven websites, but it also powers the back-end of mobile apps, e-commerce stores, and internal business applications. 


As a WordPress VIP partner, we work with companies and brands from all over the world to bring their ideas to life and help them reach their customers with award-winning digital experiences.

Why work with us?

Experience is Just the Start

Digital strategy, e-commerce, back-end integration, and front-end user experience, Curotec has the depth of experience you need in a WordPress partner to create a website that will help you drive your business forward.


We’re a Multi-faceted WordPress Development Consultancy

Curotec gives you more than a standard WordPress installation and an off the shelf theme. We collaborate with you to understand the vision for your digital brand and the business goals you’re looking to achieve, and then we get to work. Our highly developed process incorporates design thinking, weaving together beautiful and seamless interfaces with efficient and easy to use features and functionality, all while architecting within a secure and optimized environment.


Industry Better Practices

Highest Quality Development

As a WordPress VIP partner, you can count on the fact that our team follows meticulous development standards and delivers products held to the highest level of professional quality. 

Performance Optimization

Studies show that users will quickly abandon a slow or poorly performing website. We’ll optimize your site’s speed and performance to improve customer engagement.

WordPress Website Security

WordPress itself is a secure platform, but its extensibility through 3rd party plugins can leave potential holes if not managed properly. We’ll ensure top-notch security to protect your site and your user’s data. 

UX and Design

Understanding the science behind user experience and design thinking is the key to any frictionless digital experience. We create experiences where users don’t have to think about their interactions because they are natural and intuitive. We approach the work we do from a design thinking perspective and we also leverage data to make smart improvements that get results.

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Digital Strategy

It’s only half the battle to get your digital experience dialed in. Once out there, in order to get exposure, you need to have a powerful digital strategy. We help our clients achieve this via search engine presence, paid media, conversion optimization, data analytics, and more.

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Curotec Analytics

Advanced WordPress Applications

E-commerce with Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform built on top of WordPress. With Woocommerce, you will have best in class content management seamlessly integrated into your shopping and checkout experience.

Mobile App Web Services

WordPress is a powerful content management system that can power more than websites. We develop content-driven mobile apps integrated into the WordPress REST API layer to avoid reinventing the wheel with back-end systems when it’s not needed.

Intranets and Extranets

Do you want to create an intranet or extranet for your organization? WordPress is an ideal solution for businesses looking to simplify communication both internally and externally. 

WordPress VIP Hosting


Keeping your systems up and running in the cloud is a 24/7/365 job. We work directly with Automattic, WordPress’s parent company, to ensure your website is always on. If you’re having issues with reliability, security, or scalability, we can help.


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