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The AI / ML firm you've been looking for

AI & ML have been around a long time, but with recent advancements, the business applications are stronger than ever. At Curotec, we lead the way in AI consulting. 

Best-in-class in

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Best-in-class in


Trusted and top rated tech team

We've got a proven track record in AI / ML

If you’re looking for a software development firm that knows how to implement artificial intelligence features into your product, you’ve found the right place. 

We’ve got advanced expertise with:

Our machine learning services and solutions

Work with a team that’s on the cutting-edge of machine learning advancements to drive innovation inside your company’s tech stack. 

AI Strategy Consulting

We offer AI opportunity analysis and strategic consulting for your AI roadmap. This will help you determine whether there is technical feasibility and gain a better understanding of the business value.

AI Powered SaaS Features

Leverage AI & ML in your SaaS product to give your users a better experience and disrupt your competitors. We'll help you map out the feature design and build AI-driven web services.

Automation and Process Improvement

Reduce manual tasks in your organization with AI automation so you can process information more quickly, consistently, and reallocate your workforce to bigger opportunities.

ML and Deep Learning (DL) Solutions

Leverage ML and DL to gain confidence in decision-making, improve efficiency in problem-solving, and uncover hidden data connections. Get closer to your data and business trends.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Enhance chatbots & virtual assistants, uncover deeper sentiment insights, streamline text classification, and boost language-based customer support for superior user satisfaction.

Ways to engage

We offer a wide range of engagement models to meet our clients’ needs. From hourly consultation to fully managed solutions, our engagement models are designed to be flexible and customizable.

Staff Augmentation

Get access to on-demand product and engineering team talent that gives your company the flexibility to scale up and down as business needs ebb and flow.

Retainer Services

Retainers are perfect for companies that have a fully built product in maintenance mode. We'll give you peace of mind by keeping your software running, secure, and up to date.

Project Engagement

Project-based contracts that can range from small-scale audit and strategy sessions to more intricate replatforming or build from scratch initiatives.

We'll spec out a custom engagement model for you

Why choose us for your AI development project?

Partner with Curotec for an exceptional team with deep technical expertise, flexibility, and a proven track record building AI-powered applications. 


Extraordinary people, exceptional outcomes

Our outstanding team represents our greatest asset. With business acumen, we translate objectives into solutions. Intellectual agility drives efficient software development problem-solving. Superior communication ensures seamless teamwork integration. 


Deep technical expertise

We don’t claim to be experts in every framework and language. Instead, we focus on the tech ecosystems in which we excel, selecting engagements that align with our competencies for optimal results. Moreover, we offer pre-developed components and scaffolding to save you time and money.


Balancing innovation with practicality

We stay ahead of industry trends and innovations, avoiding the hype of every new technology fad. Focusing on innovations with real commercial potential, we guide you through the ever-changing tech landscape, helping you embrace proven technologies and cutting-edge advancements.


Flexibility in our approach

We offer a range of flexible working arrangements to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer our end-to-end project delivery, embedding our experts within your teams, or consulting and retainer options, we have a solution designed to suit you.

AI / ML use cases

Sentiment analysis

Extract insights from customer feedback across sources like social media, surveys, and reviews. Enhance your understanding of what your customers think to improve your business.

Recommendation engine

Build personalized recommendation engines using AI, suggesting products or content based on user behavior and preferences. Elevate engagement and boost conversion rates.

Security and anomaly detection

Don't wait until you do a system audit to find issues. Utilize AI/ML algorithms to detect security incidents and data anomalies in real time.

Smart customer interactions

Leverage NLP to craft intelligent interactions with your customers. Elevate customer support efficiency and provide users with the answer precisely when they need it.

Generative AI

Generate content, images, and other content elements in real time using inputs from application users.

Data classification

Speed up your data sorting processes to real-time with AI-powered classification algorithms and improve consistency in your sorting.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Absolutely! We specialize in integrating AI solutions seamlessly with your existing systems, enabling real-time decision-making, trends forecasting, and operational effectiveness enhancements. 

Our AI strategy consulting can help you devise a strategic roadmap, identify opportunities, assess AI readiness, and formulate AI solutions that align with your business objectives, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

Curotec offers a varied suite of AI/ML services, focusing on tailored solutions that address diverse business needs and objectives, from strategic consulting to custom application development, to drive innovation and optimize outcomes.

NLP solutions can be applied for sentiment analysis, chatbots, text classification, and information extraction, enabling enhanced user interactions, insights derivation, and operational efficiency.

We develop custom machine learning applications by understanding your specific needs, preparing and analyzing relevant data, selecting appropriate tools, and deploying tailored models to solve unique business challenges effectively.

Yes, our ML and deep learning solutions are designed to process and analyze complex, high-dimensional data, uncover patterns, and generate insights, enabling the development of advanced applications and features.

We prioritize data security and privacy by implementing stringent measures, such as encryption, secure data storage, and compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring the protection of sensitive information throughout the development process.

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