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Hire Dedicated PHP Engineers

We've successfully completed over 250+ PHP development projects since 2010. 

Best-in-class in

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Best-in-class in


Best-in-class in


Trusted and top rated tech team

14+ years developing PHP applications

"Curotec are Laravel/PHP pros that have been a valued member of the Laravel community for years. As an official Laravel partner, I trust they have the expertise to carry projects over the finish line."
Taylor Otwell
Creator of Laravel

PHP powers over 70% of the entire internet. We help that 70% build amazing products and websites. 

Our disciplines include:

Our PHP development services

We’re a PHP-focused firm with teams in the US, Latin America, and offshore locations. Specializing in SaaS, enterprise applications, and e-commerce, our 12+ years of experience come with a proven delivery record.

SaaS Product Development

Build, scale, and iterate your SaaS product with a team that knows PHP inside and out. We develop highly interactive SaaS products designed to delight users and scale with ease.

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise organizations have a unique set of needs, starting with the MSA and vendor approval and following through to process requirements and information security. We've got the experience your enterprise needs to hire us with peace of mind.

Modernizing Legacy PHP Applications

Upgrading legacy PHP applications to frameworks like Laravel unlocks modern development features. This includes advanced front-end tools, ORMs, and automated testing, removing barriers to future development.

E-commerce & CMS Development

Our team leverages PHP's robust capabilities to design intuitive, feature-rich e-commerce platforms and customized CMS solutions. This approach ensures businesses have a seamless online presence that resonates with customers.

Ways to engage

We offer a wide range of engagement models to meet our clients’ needs. From hourly consultation to fully managed solutions, our engagement models are designed to be flexible and customizable.

Staff Augmentation

Get access to on-demand product and engineering team talent that gives your company the flexibility to scale up and down as business needs ebb and flow.

Retainer Services

Retainers are perfect for companies that have a fully built product in maintenance mode. We'll give you peace of mind by keeping your software running, secure, and up to date.

Project Engagement

Project-based contracts that can range from small-scale audit and strategy sessions to more intricate replatforming or build from scratch initiatives.

We'll spec out a custom engagement model for you

Invested in creating success and defining new standards

At Curotec, it is more than just the solutions we build. We value relationships between our people and our clients — that partnership is why CEOs, CTOs, and CMOs turn to Curotec.
Helping a Series B SaaS company refine and scale their product efficiently

Why work with Curotec PHP programmers?

With a proven track record and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, we’re here to ensure your PHP development journey is efficient, innovative, and future-proof.


Extraordinary people, exceptional outcomes

Our outstanding team represents our greatest asset. With business acumen, we translate objectives into solutions. Intellectual agility drives efficient software development problem-solving. Superior communication ensures seamless teamwork integration. 


Deep technical expertise

We don’t claim to be experts in every framework and language. Instead, we focus on the tech ecosystems in which we excel, selecting engagements that align with our competencies for optimal results. Moreover, we offer pre-developed components and scaffolding to save you time and money.


Balancing innovation with practicality

We stay ahead of industry trends and innovations, avoiding the hype of every new technology fad. Focusing on innovations with real commercial potential, we guide you through the ever-changing tech landscape, helping you embrace proven technologies and cutting-edge advancements.


Flexibility in our approach

We offer a range of flexible working arrangements to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer our end-to-end project delivery, embedding our experts within your teams, or consulting and retainer options, we have a solution designed to suit you.

PHP’s versatile applications across a variety of use-cases

SaaS products

Develop and deploy Software as a Service (SaaS) applications rapidly, catering to diverse industries with PHP's versatility and extensive ecosystem of packages.

Enterprise applications

Create dynamic enterprise applications that streamline business. PHP offers extensive database connectivity and compatibility with a variety of systems that make it great for the enterprise.

API development

PHP is an excellent option for API development, enabling systems to communicate effectively, facilitating data exchange, and ensuring compatibility between software applications and services.

Content management systems (CMS)

Create user-friendly content management systems that enable easy content updates and management, significantly reducing the need for technical expertise.

Online portals

Create flexible and user-friendly customer portal solutions tailored to your company's needs to make customer interactions a breeze.

E-commerce platforms

Build scalable, secure, and customizable ecommerce websites that support inventory management, payment processing, and customer relationship management.

Hire dedicated PHP programmers for the full stack

PHP Frameworks

Curotec has advanced expertise with several frameworks in the PHP ecosystem, such as Laravel and Symfony. These PHP frameworks provide structured environments and reusable components to streamline and accelerate the development of robust and scalable web applications.

  • Laravel: A robust MVC framework known for its elegant syntax and powerful features like Eloquent ORM, Blade templating, and built-in authentication.
  • Symfony: A highly flexible framework that provides reusable PHP components, making it ideal for large-scale enterprise applications.
  • CodeIgniter: A lightweight framework that is simple to use and offers a minimalistic footprint, suitable for small to medium-sized applications.
  • Zend Framework (Laminas): An enterprise-ready framework with extensive libraries for building secure and modern web applications.
  • Yii: A high-performance framework with a powerful caching system and support for complex web applications, including those with high traffic.
  • Phalcon: A web framework implemented as a C extension, offering exceptional performance and low resource consumption.
  • CakePHP: A framework that follows the convention-over-configuration principle, providing a RAD environment for developers.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Curotec works with CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal to enable PHP developers and users to create, manage, and publish digital content easily, offering a range of customization and scalability options for different types of websites.

  • WordPress: The most popular CMS, known for its ease of use and extensive plugin ecosystem. WordPress powers a significant chunk of the entire internet, ranging from small blogs to enterprise websites and news outlets. 
  • Drupal: A flexible and scalable CMS that provides a strong foundation for complex websites and applications, with a focus on security and performance.
  • Magento: A powerful e-commerce platform built on PHP, offering a robust set of features for creating online stores.
  • OctoberCMS / WinterCMS: A modern CMS based on Laravel, offering flexibility and simplicity for developers and content managers.

Dependency Management and Build Tools

Curotec leverages tools like Composer and PHPUnit help manage project dependencies, automate tasks, and ensure code quality, making it easier to maintain and deploy PHP applications efficiently.

  • Composer: A dependency manager for PHP that simplifies the management of libraries and packages, ensuring compatibility and version control.
  • PHPUnit: A testing framework that enables developers to write and run unit tests, ensuring code quality and reliability.
  • Phing: A PHP build tool based on Apache Ant, providing an easy way to automate tasks like deployment and testing.
  • PHP_CodeSniffer: A tool that detects violations of coding standards, helping maintain a consistent coding style across projects.
  • Behat: A behavior-driven development framework that allows developers to write human-readable tests to ensure the application behaves as expected.
  • GrumPHP: A tool that checks code quality and runs tests before committing changes, ensuring that only high-quality code is pushed to the repository.
  • Pest: A modern PHP testing framework with a focus on simplicity and readability, ideal for writing expressive tests.

Database Management and ORM Tools

We are experts with ORMs and database management tools like Eloquent ORM and Doctrine ORM. These tools simplify database interactions by providing high-level abstractions, enabling developers to work with databases more effectively and with less boilerplate code.

  • Eloquent ORM: An ORM that comes with Laravel, providing an easy and expressive way to interact with databases using Active Record.
  • Doctrine ORM: A powerful and flexible ORM that provides advanced features like lazy loading, caching, and complex queries.
  • Propel: An ORM that provides a powerful code generation tool, simplifying the creation and maintenance of database models.
  • RedBeanPHP: An ORM that automatically generates and manages database schemas, making it easy to get started with minimal configuration.
  • Medoo: A lightweight PHP database framework that offers an easy-to-use interface for interacting with databases using SQL.

API Development and Integration

Tools such as Guzzle and Swagger-PHP facilitate the creation, documentation, and integration of APIs, allowing PHP applications to interact seamlessly with other services and platforms. Curotec has the knowledge and expertise to build your API quickly. 

  • Guzzle: A PHP HTTP client that makes it easy to send HTTP requests and integrate with RESTful services.
  • Swagger-PHP: A tool that generates OpenAPI documentation for your RESTful APIs, making it easier to document and test your endpoints.
  • Slim: A micro-framework that helps create simple yet powerful web applications and APIs with minimal setup.
  • Apigility: A framework for building and documenting APIs, offering tools to simplify the process of creating and maintaining API endpoints.
  • Lumen: A micro-framework by Laravel designed for building lightning-fast APIs and microservices with a smaller footprint. Lumen is no longer supported but some companies still use it in production. 
  • GraphQL-PHP: A library for implementing GraphQL servers in PHP, allowing for flexible and efficient API queries.
  • Dingo API: A package for building robust RESTful APIs in Laravel, offering features like authentication, rate limiting, and response transformation.

Development and Debugging Tools

Debugging and development tools like Xdebug and PHPStorm enhance the development workflow by offering features like detailed debugging, code analysis, and performance profiling, which help identify and resolve issues efficiently.

  • Xdebug: A powerful debugging and profiling tool that provides stack traces, breakpoints, and performance analysis for PHP applications.
  • PHPStorm: An IDE specifically designed for PHP development, offering advanced features like code completion, debugging, and version control integration.
  • PHPDBG: An interactive PHP debugger that allows for step-by-step execution, breakpoints, and detailed stack traces.
  • PHP_CodeCoverage: A tool that provides detailed reports on how much of your codebase is covered by tests, helping identify untested areas.
  • PHPStan: A static analysis tool that detects bugs and potential issues in your code without running it, improving code quality.
  • PsySH: An interactive PHP shell that provides a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) environment for experimenting with code and debugging.
  • Blackfire: A profiling tool that helps identify performance bottlenecks in PHP applications, offering detailed insights into execution time and memory usage.

PHP development FAQs

PHP is a widely-used server-side scripting language designed for web development. It’s dynamic, robust, and powers a significant portion of the web, making it a top choice for creating interactive and data-driven websites and applications.

At this point in time, almost all new PHP code bases are being built on top of a framework, most commonly Laravel, for software applications or WordPress for website CMS platforms. However, there are still many code bases around the web that are built in raw/vanilla PHP, meaning no framework is being used. The common reasons for this include:


  1. The code base was initially built before the rise of popular PHP frameworks in the early 2010s.
  2. The company created its own framework or used a collection of packages. 
  3. Some developers prefer to build in a language without a framework because it’s what they know best. 

Due to the advancements in frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, it’s not advised to build software in raw PHP anymore, because it will require significantly more time to build the same features vs using a framework. 

At Curotec, we combine 14+ years of expertise with a deep understanding of the latest PHP technologies. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, scalable, and secure web solutions tailored to your business needs.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for the PHP applications we develop. Our team ensures your applications remain updated, secure, and high-performing.

Security is a top priority for us. We adhere to best practices in PHP development, such as prepared statements, data validation/sanitization, and keeping all frameworks and tools up to date to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Absolutely! Our team has extensive experience integrating PHP applications with various databases, third-party APIs, and other systems to provide a cohesive digital solution for your business.

The development time varies depending on the complexity and specific requirements of the project. After understanding your needs, we can provide a more accurate timeline.

Yes, PHP is the backbone of several renowned e-commerce platforms like Magento and WooCommerce, as well as popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress. We can help you harness the full potential of PHP for such platforms.

We believe in transparent and regular communication. Depending on your preference, we can schedule weekly updates, use project management tools, or provide access to a dedicated point of contact.

Ready to have a conversation?

We’re here to discuss how we can partner, sharing our knowledge and experience for your product development needs. Get started driving your business forward.

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