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  • Teams in the US, Latin America and Offshore
  • Specialized in SaaS, enterprise applications, and e-commerce projects
  • Vue.js and Nuxt.js developers, UX design, and architecture
  • 12+ years in business with a proven battle tested delivery model


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Why work with us?

We’re a Vue.js / Nuxt.js focused agency

Curotec approaches software development and IT support differently – address the business problems that our clients tell us they need to have solved with technology and with the right resources at the right time. That starts with understanding your challenges and pairing it with solutions and talent to get the outcome you’re driving for. The result? Products that are responsive to your needs and primed for your growth, while ensuring your applications have a clean and straightforward end-user experience. And with well-developed and elegantly written code, it’s seamless for us to support and maintain as your needs evolve.

  • Flexible engagement models to meet your needs while saving time and money
  • Comprehensive vetting of technical resources to provide you top tier talent
  • Ramp up and down resources as you need them
  • Architected solutions that are performant, scalable, and eminently supportable
  • Provide the right resources, at the right time, with the right engagement model
  • Rapidly create proofs-of-concept and prototypes, when needed
  • End-to-end testing of applications for seamless deployment and use
  • Support and maintain

Ways to Engage

Vue & Nuxt Staff Augmentation

Vue.js and Nuxt.js both have a low learning curve, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t take time for your staff to get up to speed. Whether you need additional expertise to kick off your Vue or Nuxt development, or additional resources that can hit the ground running, a staff augmentation model allows you to complete key projects while controlling the management of the team to meet your objectives.

Vue & Nuxt Dev Subscription Model

A Vue.js / Nuxt.js development subscription model reduces your management overhead while getting your projects completed. We’ll oversee an outsourced, ongoing development team, ensuring timely delivery and quality outcomes for your projects. This model gives you access to advanced expertise in Vue, Nuxt, and related technologies, like Laravel, to get great software projects completed quickly and efficiently.

Vue & Nuxt Outsourced Project Model

Have a limited scope need? Our Vue.js and Nuxt.js outsourced project model puts expert developers as well as other resources working on your product. A project model is an ideal option for well-defined projects and products with light to moderate complexity. Whereas the subscription and staff augmentation models are pure hourly billing and ongoing, the project model is for finite engagements.

Why Build with Vue.js and Nuxt.js?

Vue.js is a responsive, adaptable, and scalable web application framework that supports fast, functional, and beautiful front-end experiences. Used by tech giants like IBM, GitLab, and Adobe, among many others, Vue.js does the front-end layer well with both a great developer experience and an enterprise-grade tech product. Leaving the application heavy lifting to partner frameworks like Laravel, Vue.js applications are performant and flexible, resulting in outstanding and inventive application experiences. Taking that a step further, partner framework Nuxt.js which sits on top of Vue.js allows for faster development, simpler configuration, and more robust features with less investment. Nuxt is a beautiful extension to an already great framework.

Curotec works with businesses across the globe to help them realize the vision of their web applications and sites, using preferred frameworks like Vue.js and Nuxt.js to create award-winning digital experiences.

Industry Better Practices

Highest Quality Development

As a Vue.js and Nuxt.js focused agency, you can count on the fact that our team follows meticulous development standards and delivers products held to the highest level of professional quality.

SDLC and Process Focused

Our team works with your existing applications to enhance or replace components iteratively, operating within your existing DevOps or agile processes, or helping you implement new processes.

Full-stack Development Capabilities

Vue.js and Nuxt.js need a back-end stack worthy of its speed and flexibility. An ideal complementary framework is Laravel, and as a Laravel partner, we’ll create superior applications that span the full stack.

What we Offer

UI Refactoring and Modernization

Your app’s user interface can enable user engagement or limit their use. Refactoring existing applications to embrace modern user functionality and increase responsiveness with Vue.js/Nuxt.js can be done incrementally, allowing you to reap immediate benefits from improvements.

Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps

Although not initially created as a mobile development framework, new robust additions to the Vue.js ecosystem – Like Vue Native – enables cross-platform capability out of the box. Minimize development time and costs by creating an app that works across all supported devices.

Iterative and Rapid Application Development

There is no need to wait to experience the improvements that Vue and Nuxt can bring to your application. Vue.js’s small footprint means that it can be integrated into applications relatively fast, and Nuxt.js comes with inherent optimizations to minimize the steps needed to reach a finished product.

And Our Expertise
Doesn't Stop There

We’ve got the knowledge and the experience to build the right solutions for your business when you need it. Solutions that will drive your business forward, freeing you to do the work of delighting your customers.