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Software Development

We’re a full-stack solutions team
partnered with some of the worlds leading development frameworks.


Curotec clients leverage our deep experience in open source software development to execute smoothly on key software development projects and augment in-house teams with top talent.

Our Technology Partners

Why work with us?

We get what it takes, from large-scale enterprise solutions in the 10k’s of man-hours to fast-track MVPs released in weeks.

We support our clients all along the way starting with planning, then execution, and finally ongoing maintenance. Our team consists of experts with deep specialization in areas including UX, project management, agile development, and DevOps.

With a focus in open source technologies, we’ve formalized partnerships with our most used frameworks:

Ways to Engage


Many of our clients start out the first engagement on a project-based contract. This could be as small as an application audit or as big as an entire key initiative from planning to execution.


Retainers are great for companies that have ongoing needs to develop new features, support a mission-critical application, and proactively stay on top of their changing needs and industry trends.


We augment development teams for companies that are already doing in-house development and looking to augment that team either short-term or as part of a long-term talent acquisition strategy.

What We Do

Software Planning

Understanding the fundamental business challenges is key to architecting the right solution. We help our clients uncover their needs through comprehensive planning and requirements gathering. 

Web Applications

Cloud-based applications allow customers to interact with your business and give employees better tools to be more efficient and effective in their role.

Mobile Applications

Well-designed and feature-rich, mobile applications can give teams and customers a better and more consistent experience no matter where they are.

SaaS teams

We extend the development teams of SaaS companies that are looking to scale quickly. We bring top-notch talent that can adhere to your existing processes or help build new ones. 

Custom API Development

Communication between business systems is critical in today’s connected world. API development and integration allows your business systems to stay in sync.

Minimum Viable Product Design

Understand the viability of your product through feedback and testing of the most important components before investing in a complete build.

User Experience

User experience is the art and science of designing software flows that are frictionless and intuitive. Our process is designed to uncover the best experience for your users.

Data Security

Security should be a high priority for any business application. Having top-notch security will protect your customers' information, business data, and profits.

Scalability and Maintainability

An important part of good application design is the ability to scale with growth in users and database size as well as the ability easily to maintain the code that was written previously.


A successful technology solution does not start with IT; instead, it starts with business strategy and organizational alignment. Our clients understand that technology can solve many challenges, and to get to the true heart of the solution we collaboratively work through business processes, procedural bottlenecks, integration blockers, and overall business pain points.

We challenge the status quo and look for ways to help our clients better serve their customers, become more efficient, meet security and compliance needs, and excel overall where the competition is lacking.

The work we do up front consistently leads to better outcomes and sustained adoption of technology tools by end users.

Our Process

We have developed a proven framework with strategy as a guiding principle, which we follow through from the beginning to the end of engagements we take on. Our process framework results in high impact ROI that allows our clients to drive real measurable growth and continue to reinvest in their technology infrastructure.

Business Applications

Modern companies see the value in having cloud-based business applications that integrate across silos and allow the business team to operate more efficiently. Using the right tools allows a company to engage customers better, reduce process overhead, and ultimately drive up the bottom line. Curotec has a proven track record designing and implementing cloud-based IT systems that generate ROI.


Innovate your organization or industry by bringing new technology products to life. Whether you’re planning to build an internal tool or a SaaS product to sell to others, we’ve got the experience to guide you through the process of strategy, planning, development, deployment, and ongoing enhancements. 


One of the biggest reasons companies fail to grow is because they don’t have the tools and processes to support their growth. If your organization is running on 10 or 20-year-old homegrown technology, it may be time to consider how that’s impacting your growth and evaluate if modernizing is right for you. 


Transformation and digitalization allow companies to automate, streamline, and peek under the hood more easily to see how their organization is running. Transformation starts with your team in the field and goes all the way up to the executive suite. If you’re ready to transform, we can help.

Cloud Services and Application Support


Keeping systems up and running in the cloud is a 24/7/365 job. Not only do we architect cloud solutions that scale with your business, but we keep them healthy, online, and secure. If you’re having issues with reliability, security, or scalability, we can help.


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