Develop Your Business

Curotec understands the role technology plays in the business environment and how critical that role can be for the success or failure to a business initiative. Businesses are using technology to track progress, connect with customers, streamline operation, manage resources and much more. These fundamental aspects of business can be greatly improved with the right planning and implementation of technology. We have assembled a team and a process specifically to solve these pain points for our clients.

Our Capabilities

  • Web Applications (Applications for the web that run in a web browser)
  • Mobile Applications (Android and iOS)
  • API’s (Application Programming Interface – used to distribute information between software programs)

Web Application Development

Web applications are used commonly in business to collect or distribute information to employees and customers online. The benefit comes from the ease of access to information which also gives the business management an advantage of having instant access to statistical trends and the ability to analyze the data and improve the efficiency of the business.

Custom API Development

Web API's (Application Programming Interface) allow multiple software systems to share information even if they are not written in the same language or hosted on the same infrastructure. An API is commonly used to establish a standard point of data access for a product that has multiple mobile app and web interfaces, but it can also be used to push and pull data between software systems as well.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps give users direct access to all sorts of information right from a device that fits inside their pocket. Businesses are now using this power to connect directly to their customers by promoting new offers and generating brand awareness. It can also be used as a powerful internal tool for team productivity and operations tracking.

Application UI/UX Design

The user experience of an application is arguably the most important element. Without a simple and intuitive interface, users will not adopt your product and ultimately the product will not be a success. UI/UX design is our specialty and we work really hard to provide our clients with cutting edge tools right down to the user experience.

Minimum Viable Product Design

A minimum viable product fits your needs if your business or startup has a product concept but it still needs refinement, feedback, and/or capital before it’s ready to roll out. By working out the fundamental components of your concept prior to doing a full build out, you are giving yourself the ability to collect early feedback and pivot if necessary, while also keeping your initial development expenses low.

CRM and SaaS Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software stores critical sales and marketing data. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications provide important business functionality quickly without the headaches of on-premise management and capacity planning. More often than not, though, the missing piece is getting them to talk to your existing business solutions - and each other. Integrating these applications across your organization’s technical landscape brings their value to the next level.

Third Party Logistics Software

We have developed a comprehensive 3PL software system along with the industry insight that goes along with it. If you are the owner or operator of a warehousing, logistics, or fulfillment operation, and are in need of a new WMS or 3PL tool for your outfit, check out what we have to offer. We can help you manage orders, inventory, product location, shipping, customer support, analytics, faster processing, and more!

Salesforce Development

Salesforce is an extremely powerful tool for both managing customer relationships and for web and mobile application development. Data can be submitted to Salesforce from third party applications using their SOAP API and REST API. In addition, entire web or mobile applications can be architected using and Salesforce1.