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Why build your career with us?

Our Culture

Curotec has a fun and easy-going culture full of exciting people and exciting problems to solve. Our team works from the office, from home and sometimes onsite with our clients. We offer competitive pay and great benefits. 

Our team feels that personal and professional growth is an important part of their career journey and so we encourage and sponsor ongoing training and certification programs. In addition to that we help and mentor one another through all sorts of technical, personal and client related challenges.

Above all, we feel that the health of our team is crucial to the success of our business, so we advocate for a well rounded work-life balance to keep the mental gears turning smoothly!

We are not just any tech team

We have a really interesting team of people who span many different skill sets, cultures, and backgrounds. We are a melting pot of sorts. One of the things our team members enjoy the most about working at Curotec is their ability to learn new things every day, not only about technology but also about their fellow team members and the various industries we work in. 

Testimonials from our team:

“I really like the work culture and ethics followed at Curotec. They give you the required ownership and freedom to complete the work. Management is really cooperative and friendly. Curotec is a highly recommended workplace for anyone!”

“Great job and working from home or any place gives freedom and peace. Working with professional teams and good projects gives head start to mid-level developers.”

“I am very grateful for the opportunity Curotec has given me to discover my hidden skills and gain experience in the industry. I am happy to work on the team in a growing company environment.”