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Modernizing Comcast's legacy network design tool


The Challenge

Sub-standard tools to manage the largest coax and fiber network in the USA

Comcast found themselves grappling with a significant challenge. Their entire coax and fiber network was being managed using software that was a quarter of a century old. This wasn’t just any software; it was built atop a general-purpose design platform, making it ill-suited for the specialized tasks at hand.

Every time it was booted up, employees would have to wait a staggering 15 minutes. The data segmentation was messy, requiring labor-intensive manual updates. Its logic was rigid, and it lacked the flexibility needed for the dynamic nature of the work. Most critically, it was not evolving in line with the changing demands of fiber network design and lacked integration with field operations, causing delays in communication.

Recognizing the pressing need for a more efficient system, Comcast brought in several consulting firms for a multi-year project aimed at modernizing their network design solution. 

The Solution

A thoughtfully designed software solution that put the network design team at the center of the product strategy

Curotec was chosen to spearhead the Product Ownership across three product engineering teams. The approach was holistic. We provided strategic guidance on product management practices, ensuring the new software would be tailored to the unique needs of the network designers.

To make sure the result aligned with real-world requirements, we conducted extensive product research with business groups spread across the nation.  We also played a pivotal role in charting the long-term product roadmap, ensuring that what we designed was both maintainable and scalable to the needs of the business. 

The new product was built using Node.js and MongoDB, with data being pulled across many different disparate systems throughout the entire company. 

Technologies & Services

Product Consulting



The Results

Significantly boosted productivity for the network design team

Comcast valued our ability to coordinate complex product decisions and engineering across their many business units, stakeholders, and technical teams.

The product gives Comcast’s network designers unfettered access to a modern network design tool that aligns with their unique needs. This platform streamlines their workflow and significantly enhances productivity.

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