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Magento Development Solutions

Magento is the world’s leading e-commerce platform, with more than 200,000 online stores using this robust platform. Magento offers the features and functionality for everything from small storefronts to major retailers like Nike, Land Rover, and Birchbox.

Magento presents two problems for businesses looking to set up shop on the platform. First, because it’s freely available it’s easy for almost any developer to claim expertise with it. The other is the exact reason it is an attractive platform – lots of features and functionality – means it is also imperative that you choose a partner with Magento Certifications and extensive experience on the platform.

Magento Development and Service Integrations

Magento Site Development

Create a user-friendly, well-designed e-commerce front end that drives sales and brings customers back for more.

Magento Security

Security should be a high priority for any e-commerce site. Protect your customer’s information, your products, and your profits.

Site Speed & Performance

Page load times are one of the most critical factors for great user experience. We achieve high standards through code optimization, caching, cloud optimization, and testing.

Backend Integration

Integrate your e-commerce solution with your CRM, ERP, marketing automation, and 3PL to streamline your business processes and reduce time spent processing orders.


Customer actions – or lack of action – can be a goldmine of information. Understand your customers better with site data and visitor tracking.

Multi-currency & Localization

Sell to more than one location? Create a user experience that encourages all of your customers – no matter what language they speak – to engage with your online store.

Conversion Optimization

Getting customers to your store is only the first stage in your sales funnel. Understanding how to convert those users into buyers is key to long term success in online retail.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most often overlooked aspects of E-commerce. Schema structured data, accelerating mobile pages and technical on-page optimization will make a break your rankings on search engines.

Omni Channel Experience

In the modern tech era to foster brand loyalty, customers expect a true omnichannel experience with the businesses with which they interact that extends across the entire organization.

M1 to M2 Migrations

With Magento 1 end of life in June 2020, migrating to Magento 2 is critical. We have expertise in replatforming on M2 and bringing your data with you. 

User Experience Design

Users expect a frictionless experience when researching products, checking out and then recieving their products. Our team is here to ensure that your end to end customer buying experience is 5 stars! 

Choosing the Right Magento Solutions Provider


Consider the Magento Experience

Experience is important when hiring a Magento e-commerce agency. The platform is robust, so choosing an agency that understands the ins and outs of the system as well as the many extensible elements that can be bolted on can mean the difference between a poor Magento implementation and one that raises your company to the next level. Curotec has experience with standard Magento development as well as localization, customization, and integration with back-office applications like accounting, POS, fulfillment, and ERPs.


We’re an Agency that Stands by our Work

The last thing you need is a development partner that doesn’t standby and support their work. Curotec is an experienced software agency with a highly developed process for understanding a business’s needs with an open, collaborative approach to working with our clients. This gives Curotec confidence and backing to support our work.

Curotec Can Help at Every Stage

From design and layout to full e-commerce application implementation, Curotec has the experience you need in a partner that will make your online store a success.

Experience at Every Step

  • Understand your products, your customer, and your goals
  • Design a visually stunning and highly usable storefront
  • Create a backend system that makes running your business easy and secure
  • Hook your storefront to your critical business systems – fulfillment, ERP, CRM, and 3PL
  • Thoroughly test and launch
  • Analyze site performance and improve

And Our Expertise
Doesn't Stop There

We have the knowledge and the experience to build the right solutions for your business when you need it. Solutions that will drive your business forward, freeing you to do the work of delighting your customers.