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pam Long

COO at Curotec

Pamela Long is a managing partner and the COO of Curotec. Her role at Curotec is, by necessity, diverse, but boils down to one overriding philosophy – that everyone who works with Curotec should benefit from the best possible experience, from customers to team members.

Pamela believes that technical projects are about far more than code and configuration. It’s about people. Whether a project is intended for an internal or external audience, it must be usable, well-designed, and above all, meet the needs of the customer. Pamela’s deep technical background and broad industry experience ensures that the final product for each customer engagement satisfies the stakeholders and the end users. The result? Award winning projects and customers that trust Pamela and the Curotec team will delight them.

Project delivery and customer satisfaction are, of course, part of Pamela’s responsibilities as COO. However, her years as a business owner have helped to form a vision for the future of Curotec. As the company continues to grow and accept new challenges, Pamela’s roadmap for success includes continuing to recruit and cultivate the best technical and project talent, and maintain and evolve a company culture that has resulted in team members who stay for the long haul – a rarity in today’s tech world.

She describes her greatest strength as the ability to step back and look at all of the potentials in a situation so that the best path forward can be chosen. She uses her critical thinking skills to analyze and understand the potential outcomes of the various options available and choose the way to success.

Pamela lives in Phoenixville, PA with her husband and daughter. When not working with clients or mentoring Curotec team members, Pamela can be found remodeling her old stone farmhouse, gardening, and exploring the medium of blown and warm glass artwork.

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