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Premier Software Development Outsourcing

We provide you with the talent to outsource your software development. Whether you need a single developer or a complex multi-team solution, we are timezone-aligned and highly responsive.

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Trusted and top rated tech team

Choosing the right Software Outsourcing Company


Challenges of choosing the wrong partner:

Misalignment with business goals

Project delays and unmet deadlines

Inferior code quality and frequent revisions

Maximize your software investment with a trusted partner:

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Team members
Years in business
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Onboard our:

Software Developers

Product Managers

UX Designers

DevOps Engineers

QA Engineers

Data Engineers

Ready for best in class tech talent?


We say no to being a generalist, and focus on the tech stacks we know best. 

Engagement models

Three flexible engagement models to meet your team where you’re at. 

We tailor our services to your specific needs

Utmost flexibility
From an individual coder to a fully integrated team, we ensure all your needs are met

Rapid deployment
Our elite professionals are prepared to start work immediately

Time zone synchronization
Collaborate effortlessly with developers in the same time zone to streamline processes

Scalability with ease
Quickly adjust the scope of your projects with our adaptable solutions when growth exceeds expectations

SaaS and Enterprise teams turn to Curotec for our expertise

Our suite of solutions are designed to help your enterprise or product team reach its goals more quickly with our proven expertise. They include award-winning website, modern SaaS products, and augmented development teams.

Growth-stage companies

Companies in the growth stage rely on us to build products that can scale. Where they were yesterday is not where they are today or where they'll be tomorrow.


Enterprise organizations have a unique set of needs, starting with the MSA and vendor approval and following through to process requirements and information security. We've got the experience your enterprise needs to hire us with peace of mind.​

Early-stage startups

Startups need to rapidly iterate products in their early life cycle while staying nimble and lean. We work closely with startups, partnering on their go-to-market approach to find product market fit.

Benefits of outsourcing software development

Streamlined cost management and efficiency

Outsourcing software development significantly reduces hiring, training, and infrastructure costs, eliminating the need for a large in-house IT team. This cost-saving allows businesses to reallocate resources more effectively, boost efficiency, and focus on core operations to enhance profitability and effectiveness.

Specialized expertise and advanced skills

Engaging with external IT providers offers access to top-tier expertise and the latest technological advancements without the significant overhead of developing these capabilities internally. This ensures that businesses can tackle complex IT issues with expert guidance and incorporate innovative technologies swiftly, keeping them at the forefront of industry developments.

Agile business growth and operational scalability

Leveraging outsourced software development services empowers companies to focus on expansion and core business goals without being bogged down by the complexities of management. It provides the agility needed to scale IT resources in tandem with business growth, offering a flexible solution that adapts to changing demands and market conditions without the challenges of resizing internal teams.

Continuous support and enhanced security

Outsourced software development services guarantee round-the-clock support and advanced security protocols, including data protection, compliance adherence, and disaster recovery plans. This level of support ensures businesses can operate with reduced downtime and heightened security, protecting against data breaches and other cyber threats.

Access to a global talent pool and diverse insights

Partnering with global IT firms opens doors to a vast talent pool, bringing in a wealth of diverse insights and perspectives. This global exposure can introduce new ideas, strategies, and solutions, enriching the business’s approach to software development challenges and fostering a more innovative and adaptive development strategy.

Risk mitigation and compliance expertise

Outsourced software developers are equipped to manage a range of risks, offering expertise in regulatory compliance and industry standards. Their specialized knowledge helps businesses navigate the complex landscape of legal and security requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Invested in creating success and defining new standards

At Curotec, it is more than just the solutions we build. We value relationships between our people and our clients — that partnership is why CEOs, CTOs, and CMOs turn to Curotec.

Awards & Recognition

Inc. 5000

Philly 100

Civic 50

W3 Awards


Why choose us as your software agency?

Partner with Curotec for an exceptional team with deep technical expertise, flexibility, and a proven track record when it comes to product development. 


Extraordinary people, exceptional outcomes

Our outstanding team represents our greatest asset. With business acumen, we translate objectives into solutions. Intellectual agility drives efficient software development problem-solving. Superior communication ensures seamless teamwork integration. 


Deep technical expertise

We don’t claim to be experts in every framework and language. Instead, we focus on the tech ecosystems in which we excel, selecting engagements that align with our competencies for optimal results. Moreover, we offer pre-developed components and scaffolding to save you time and money.


Balancing innovation with practicality

We stay ahead of industry trends and innovations, avoiding the hype of every new technology fad. Focusing on innovations with real commercial potential, we guide you through the ever-changing tech landscape, helping you embrace proven technologies and cutting-edge advancements.


Flexibility in our approach

We offer a range of flexible working arrangements to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer our end-to-end project delivery, embedding our experts within your teams, or consulting and retainer options, we have a solution designed to suit you.

Services and solutions

Software Planning

Understanding fundamental business needs is step one. We help clients identify needs through thorough planning and requirements-gathering sessions.

SaaS Development

We augment development teams of SaaS companies seeking rapid scaling. Our team of exceptional talent can seamlessly integrate with your existing processes or help develop new ones.

Business Application Development

We build cloud-based business applications that allow customers to interact with your business and give employees better tools to be more efficient and effective in their roles.

API Development

We'll help you build the backbone of your business with an API-centered data layer, allowing systems to integrate with seamless interoperability.


If you're still figuring out what your users need, or need a demo to secure your budget, we can help you develop an MVP or POC capable of demonstrating your value proposition.

Security and Performance

When it comes to security and performance, it starts with the design of your systems. We implement rigorous standards in the core architecture design.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We have a deep focus on several open-source technologies. Those technologies include Laravel, Node.js, Python, Vue.js, and React. We are not a generalist agency that says yes to everything, so working with us you can be sure you’re getting best-in-class within the stack. 

Curotec’s comprehensive range of application development services covers every aspect, from initial software planning, user experience design, end-to-end development, QA engineering, and deployment. Our approach is holistic, focusing on creating tailored solutions that align with your unique needs and objectives.

We implement stringent security protocols, including encryption and secure coding practices, to safeguard sensitive information and protect applications from threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
Certainly! We assist in designing minimum viable products that effectively demonstrate the viability of your concept with essential features, enabling you to validate your idea, gather user feedback, and attract investors.
We prioritize building scalable and maintainable applications by utilizing modular architecture, implementing best coding practices, and focusing on future-proof technologies, ensuring that the applications can adapt and evolve with your growing needs.
We place paramount importance on UX, designing intuitive and engaging interfaces, prioritizing user needs, and focusing on usability and accessibility to ensure user satisfaction and enhance user interaction.

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