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Magento eCommerce Development

Some online stores only need the basics. But others need a system that will grow with them, that will provide them with the services and features that enable great customer service, and will help them expand their business locally and globally.

For more than 29% of online stores, Magento is the platform they turn to when they want a high performing e-commerce solution to support their business.

Once you’ve decided on using Magento, though, you need to find a partner that can help you get the most out of your system. With Curotec’s unique project approach, combined with our team of experienced Magento developers, you’ll know you’re getting the most out of your Magento e-commerce solution, and be ready for expansion in the future.

Built for Integration

Magento comes ready to integrate with a number of third-party platforms, like Salesforce, email marketing systems, payment gateways, and shipping partners, allowing you to continue working with your existing systems and providing you with options when it comes time to add new services.

When you choose Curotec for your Magento implementation, you’re choosing an experienced partner that knows the challenges that come with integration projects. We can steer you in the right direction, helping you avoid the worst pitfalls and showing you the smoothest and most effective path to success.

Ready for Omnichannel

Mobile commerce continues to grow in frequency and importance for shoppers. Even when they are in store, according to a Marketingland survey, shoppers use their mobile phones to comparison shop and check product availability. Mobile e-commerce revenues are expected to reach $669 billion by 2018.

This is what makes Magento and Curotec the perfect solution for your e-commerce needs. Magento is built to cater to every one of your customers, from e-commerce and mobile shoppers to in-store customers. Curotec’s experience with mobile development, inventory management systems, and web development, along with our award-winning design services, make us the smart choice for your Magento implementation.

Set to Go Global

Global e-commerce means more than just shipping to other countries. Savvy global consumers expect e-commerce experiences that cater to them. That means everything from sites presented in their native language to regionally relevant featured products.

The Magento platform is ready to expand globally when you are. Curotec is also ready to help, with experience in multi-language sites, globalization, and localization, and the pros and cons of each strategy.