Brian Dainis
Brian Dainis
Chief Executive Officer

Brian Dainis was born in Abington, Pennsylvania and grew up in the Exton, Pennsylvania area. Brian started his entrepreneurial career in Tampa Florida when he helped build his first start-up with two friends. After perfecting his art and honing his business skills in Florida, Brian relocated back to the Philadelphia area in 2010 to build Curotec. Since then Curotec has experienced solid growth year after year and continues to expand its team while remaining in line with the same vision Brian had from day one.

Brian has been involved with computers and technology since an early age. He was always fascinated by understanding the way things worked and would stop at nothing to soak in every bit of information he possibly could. Brian’s attention to detail and perfectionist attitude has been one of his greatest attributes. When Brian gets his head wrapped around something he will not quit until it is completed and proven successful. One thing that always stood out in Brian’s personality is his ability to take the leadership role while also standing back to listen and receive feedback from the people he is working with. His ambitious mentality and data driven mind set has also been a very big asset to his success in business and keeping Curotec in the growth stage.

When Brian is not busy in his office working on Curotec projects he also serves on the board of an organization called Liberty Valley Initiative. LVI’s mission is to provide resources, advice, funding and idea incubation in a community setting for local Philly start-up entrepreneurs in all phases of their career. LVI focuses specifically in the western Philadelphia suburbs with a long term goal of making the region a thriving technology innovation hub.

Brian realizes in order for a company to be successful in the web and software industry, it is essential to adapt to the trends and have a unique way of capturing people’s attention by eliminating complex problems with simple solutions. Brian is constantly researching the ins and outs of his industry to learn new ways of serving his clients. Brian’s success is because he always delivers on the expectation he sets for his clients up front. He has the same mentality in business, as he does in his personal life. In Brian’s own words, “you’re only as good as your integrity”.