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Digital Transformation Imperative

An interconnected business is no longer a luxury. From small retailers to Fortune 50 enterprises, flexible integrations internally and connections to your partners are imperative to stay competitive. IT is no longer a siloed part of the business – it’s central to everything you do.

Curotec has provided digital transformation services to organizations around the globe, accelerating business outcomes and increasing organizational success.

Our Areas of Focus

IT Consulting

Make smarter IT decisions with the help of our seasoned consultants and engineers. 


Uncover the complex systems, processes, and requirements that your organization has from an IT perspective and see how it all ties together. 

Data Analytics

Use the power of your data to extract insights and make informed business decisions as you grow and scale. 


Improve business performance by extending or updating legacy applications.

CRM & SaaS Integration

Better connections, broader access. Make the most of your CRM and cloud investments with data sharing across your ecosystem.

API Development

Whether connecting internal systems or improving partner communications, APIs provide flexible, re-usable interfaces to accelerate business outcomes.

Enterprise Mobility

Keep your teams connected to everything they need through mobile applications and access to key data, no matter where they are.


Interconnected applications improve business process flow, which, in turn, creates better customer experiences.


Enterprises are faced with an exponential increase in connected apps and devices. Future-proof your connectivity with architecture geared to perform.

Business Evolved

Technology now influences or impacts every part of modern businesses. Retailers must communicate seamlessly with third-party logistics. Internal teams need access to data from across the organization. Competitors and disruptors are looking for every opportunity to step ahead.

For a business to stay competitive, siloed systems must become a thing of the past, and legacy systems must be brought in line with current solutions. Automation must replace chair-turning. And communication – among teams, partners, customers, and applications – must be a company’s primary concern.

Digital transformation is about leveraging all that technology has to offer, as a business tool and enabler. There isn’t a part of the organization, no matter the size, that it doesn’t touch:

  • Customer experience
  • Business intelligence
  • Finance
  • Cloud applications
  • Logistics
  • Marketing / Sales
  • HR

Begin and End With the Customer

Surprisingly, digital transformation isn’t about technology. It’s about streamlining business processes and information to create a better customer experience.

Curotec helps its clients find the right balance of change based on both current needs and future plans. Our process is based on our core values – to listen to the customer and develop a solution to its unique problem, not hand it a short-term solution or push it toward the wrong tools. This positions your organization to make the most of its digital transformation:

  • Modernization – we delve into what systems work for you, and which ones must be refreshed
  • Integrations – from architecture to development, we understand your ecosystem and business needs to create flexible connections among your systems, your partners, and the cloud
  • Business Processes – our discovery process ensures an understanding of your process flow to pinpoint your biggest transformational wins

Curotec Transforms Organizations

Your transformation initiatives are critical to your success, and your solutions need to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. From improved customer experiences to complete modernization of enterprise applications and processes, Curotec has the experience in digital transformation to keep you competitive and your customers delighted.

And Our Expertise
Doesn't Stop There

We have the knowledge and the experience to build the right solutions for your business when you need it. Solutions that will drive your business forward, freeing you to do the work of delighting your customers.