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Partner with an expert Laravel dev team

Engage us for a project, get retainer support, or directly augment your team with our proven Laravel experts across the US and LATAM.

"Curotec are Laravel pros that have been a valued member of the Laravel community for years. As an official Laravel partner, I trust they have the expertise to carry projects over the finish line."
Taylor Otwell
Creator of Laravel
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"Curotec are Laravel pros that have been a valued member of the Laravel community for years. As an official Laravel partner, I trust they have the expertise to carry projects over the finish line."
Taylor Otwell
Creator of Laravel

We help SaaS and enterprise teams succeed with Laravel

Whether you need a firm to build your idea, support an existing codebase, or augment your engineering team, we’ve got you.

Our disciplines include:

How we can help

We’re a Laravel-focused firm with teams in the US, Latin America, and offshore locations. Specializing in SaaS, enterprise applications, and e-commerce, our 12+ years of experience come with a proven delivery record.

SaaS Product Development

Build, scale, and iterate your SaaS product with a team that knows Laravel inside and out. We develop highly interactive SaaS products designed to delight users and scale with ease.

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise organizations have a unique set of needs, starting with the MSA and vendor approval and following through to process requirements and information security. We've got the experience your enterprise needs to hire us with peace of mind.

Modernizing Legacy Applications

Upgrading legacy systems to Laravel unlocks modern development features like advanced front-end tools, eloquent ORM, and automated testing, removing barriers to future development.

Rapid Application Development

Whether you're a funded startup building an MVP or an enterprise testing a proof of concept, speed is crucial. We help teams with rapid product development so you can get into the hands of users faster.

Ways to engage

We offer a wide range of engagement models to meet our clients’ needs. From hourly consultation to fully managed solutions, our engagement models are designed to be flexible and customizable.

Staff Augmentation

Get access to on-demand product and engineering team talent that gives your company the flexibility to scale up and down as business needs ebb and flow.

Retainer Services

Retainers are perfect for companies that have a fully built product in maintenance mode. We'll give you peace of mind by keeping your software running, secure, and up to date.

Project Engagement

Project-based contracts that can range from small-scale audit and strategy sessions to more intricate replatforming or build from scratch initiatives.

We'll spec out a custom engagement model for you

Invested in creating success and defining new standards

At Curotec, it is more than just the solutions we build. We value relationships between our people and our clients — that partnership is why CEOs, CTOs, and CMOs turn to Curotec.
Helping a Series B SaaS company refine and scale their product efficiently

Why choose Curotec for your Laravel dev needs?

With a proven track record and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, we’re here to ensure your Laravel development journey is efficient, innovative, and future-proof.


Extraordinary people, exceptional outcomes

Our outstanding team represents our greatest asset. With business acumen, we translate objectives into solutions. Intellectual agility drives efficient software development problem-solving. Superior communication ensures seamless teamwork integration. 


Deep technical expertise

We don’t claim to be experts in every framework and language. Instead, we focus on the tech ecosystems in which we excel, selecting engagements that align with our competencies for optimal results. Moreover, we offer pre-developed components and scaffolding to save you time and money.


Balancing innovation with practicality

We stay ahead of industry trends and innovations, avoiding the hype of every new technology fad. Focusing on innovations with real commercial potential, we guide you through the ever-changing tech landscape, helping you embrace proven technologies and cutting-edge advancements.


Flexibility in our approach

We offer a range of flexible working arrangements to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer our end-to-end project delivery, embedding our experts within your teams, or consulting and retainer options, we have a solution designed to suit you.

Laravel's versatile applications across a variety of use-cases

SaaS products

Develop and deploy Software as a Service (SaaS) applications rapidly, catering to diverse industries with Laravel's versatility.

Enterprise applications

Laravel's architecture and tools are well-suited for crafting complex, data-intensive enterprise applications that require high performance and reliability.

API development

Laravel simplifies API development, making it an excellent choice for building robust and scalable APIs to support decoupled architecture, mobile apps, and third-party integrations.

Startups and MVPs

Launch minimum viable poducts (MVPs) quickly to validate ideas and attract investors with Laravel's fast development capabilities.

Online portals

Create flexible and user-friendly customer portal solutions tailored to your company's needs to make customer interactions a breeze.

Commerce-driven applications

Laravel's robust features make it an ideal choice for building scalable and secure commerce-driven platforms, empowering businesses to manage transactions and payments.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Laravel has one of the most complete collections of application development features commonly used by developers to create software compared to many other popular development frameworks. Additionally, Laravel has a massive ecosystem for packages and community support, making it one of the top frameworks of choice for developers. 

Yes! We have a staff augmentation service model perfect for this type of need. Whether you need a Laravel engineer for a short, medium, or long-term engagement, we can contract the right person to your team, and they will adapt seamlessly to your team’s tools, processes, and workflows. 

Curotec offers a range of Laravel services, including custom web application development for SaaS companies and enterprises as well as staff augmentation and ongoing support retainers, each tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Laravel is chosen for its elegant syntax, robust features, and the ability to facilitate rapid development, making it an ideal framework for developing high-quality, secure, and scalable web applications.

Laravel’s robustness translates to highly secure, scalable, and high-performing applications for companies using it in their software stack. This robustness ensures that the applications can handle high traffic loads, secure user data effectively, and adapt to changing business needs, ultimately leading to enhanced company satisfaction and business growth.

Laravel is written in PHP, a general-purpose scripting language geared toward building applications for the web. Some of the largest open-source frameworks in the world are written in PHP, including WordPress, which powers nearly half of the entire internet. 

Absolutely! We specialize in integrating Laravel applications with a variety of third-party services, APIs, and databases to ensure seamless interoperability and enhanced functionality.

Yes, we proficiently handle Laravel upgrades, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime, while maintaining data integrity and application functionality.

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