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Global Business, Local Presence

Our connected world has opened the doors to a global economy. But it also creates challenges for today’s enterprises. Without a web presence that caters to native audiences, businesses face the prospect of lower revenues in countries where customers might not read English. What’s more, employee portals and applications that don’t provide local language support can lead to a smaller pool of capable candidates and less employee satisfaction.

But the idea of creating multiple websites in a multitude of languages may seem like a costly project with significant support needs. That’s where Curotec can help. We’ll work with you to look at your company’s needs for a global audience. Then we’ll use our knowledge and experience to assist you in understanding the difference between globalization and localization and help you find the solution that is the best fit for your organization.




Translating your site into another language is only part of what globalizing your web properties amounts to. Sure, it means providing a web presence that allows users to toggle between languages. But it also means having a responsive site that re-flows your page gracefully to handle translated words. It means taking into account things like font choices and layout so that there is a consistent site experience regardless of the language displayed. And it means using flexible code that can handle all of that behind the scenes, providing a seamless web presence for customers and employees. Curotec will create an Agile web site or portal that answers your global needs.


While globalization is about consistency, localization is about allowing for our differences. With localized websites, the entire experience is made more culturally relevant to the region to which it caters. Images are customized to reflect the region, and the copy is translated to use idioms that match the expectations of the users. The copy is also edited to ensure SEO matches local usage, giving your organization an advantage over other global companies. Let Curotec design a solution that bridges your cultural and regional needs.

Global and Localized CMS Implementations

Whether you are adding localization services to an existing CMS implementation, converting your existing website to a CMS to meet regional needs, or starting a global project from scratch, Curotec has the experience to answer the challenges facing your enterprise.