A Fortune 100 Company wanted an upgrade to their existing customer Medical Device Information data management and FDA Submission solution. As part of the upgrade, they needed a user-friendly web portal that would allow external customers and internal users to view and manage the medical device data during the import/conversion/submission process.


In this case, a strategic partner was in charge of the project and brought in Curotec to provide digital expertise in creating a custom theme/template, basic UI features and workflow functionality for the client-facing portal. They asked Curotec to interpret the needs of the client, and understand how the information gathered would be processed in preparation for the FDA.

Along the way, Curotec provided visual artifacts (i.e., HTML mockups and POCs) to illustrate the user experience, the modern design, features and functionality envisioned for the portal to the client, and to affirm they were building something that the client truly expected and wanted.

During this process, the partner firm repeatedly lauded the technical expertise shown by Curotec, as well as their attention to detail, commitment to process, and ability to turn vision into practical reality.


Curotec designed the custom template for the Life Sciences Portal, which was further enhanced by the partner firm to incorporate additional custom functionality, reporting features and workflow to display the data imported via the backend solution (also built by the partner firm). Both the company and the strategic partner were delighted with the look and feel of the new web application. The client now has an easy-to-understand portal to accept information accurately and view the status of their customer’s medical device information in FDA submission cycle.