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Mobile Apps Expert

Our digital world is expanding, and both customers and employees expect to have resources available to them when they need them and wherever they are. Recent studies are showing people using their phones for upwards of 2 hours a day; it’s not a surprise that companies have switched from a plus-mobile approach to a mobile-first approach for their solutions. Curotec has the expertise to craft a mobile experience that is right for your users, and for your company.

Android Development

As of 2015, Android held nearly 83% of the mobile market share, according to research firm IDC. So, it’s important to build a solid, native Android application that answers the needs of your user, no matter what hardware they are using. That’s where Curotec comes in. Our staff knows the intricacies of developing for multiple screens and various hardware sets.

iOS Development

For iOS, we know we can ignore market share numbers because Apple mobile devices have 100% of the hearts of their users. Apple removes the ambiguity of development with stringent app guidelines and single source hardware. That sounds like it would make the job easier, but the expert iOS team at Curotec knows better. We have the experience to navigate the waters that will get you an app that pleases the most discerning iOS user.

Hybrid and HTML5 Apps

Sometimes you don’t need the power and complexity a native app gives you. Sometimes, you want a quick proof of concept, so you know what to build. Or, sometimes, let’s be honest, the budget just doesn’t allow for the development of two native apps. How do you choose for which platform to build? Curotec can answer the call for these special circumstances by building an app with a single code base that works across mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Mobile web apps are another good option if your goal is to reduce project scope and deploy an application to multiple platforms without developing for each platform individually. A web app runs in the device’s web browser accessible on any mobile device with an internet connection. Using CSS and toolkits like jQuery mobile, a web application can be specifically optimized for use on mobile devices.

Getting on the mobile market

Once the final line of code is written, and all the testing has passed with flying colors, our job is still not done. Getting on the mobile market can be a challenge if you are not familiar with how the process works. Don’t panic, though, because this is something we will take care of for you when the time comes. This also includes pushing out app updates from future development iterations. We’ve got your back!