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Mobile Apps for Modern Business

Mobile applications have evolved from games and communication to business productivity and customer experience. Consumers, clients, and employees are tech savvy and have high expectations for the mobile apps they use. Your mobile strategy can’t be an afterthought if you want to capture and engage these audiences.

Our Mobile Application Areas of Focus

Cross Platform Development

In a bring-your-own device world, mobile apps must work on a multitude of platforms - iPhone, Android, tablets, and more - right from the start.

Beautifully Usable

There is no room for a poor user experience on a mobile app. User experience and visual appeal must be front and center.

The Mobile Web

It isn't just applications that need to work on mobile devices. Websites and web apps should start with mobile users in mind.

Device Integration

We're past the point where mobile apps only work on phones. Watches, fitness devices, and the Internet of Things open opportunities for applications unheard of a decade ago.

Advanced Mobile Development

Like web applications, the technology for mobile apps changes daily. Technologies, like Progress Web Applications, can lead to better, faster, and more seamless mobile experiences.

End-to-End Mobile Solutions

Mobile apps are more than the web in your hand. Applications should be designed like other technologies, from user experience and project planning through testing, product launch, and beyond.

More Than a App Development Company

Curotec offers solutions for every stage of mobile application development, and for every application purpose.

Curotec delivers purpose-built mobile experiences

  • Features and functionality to meet user needs
  • Omni-channel applications that follow users from desktop to mobile
  • Apps that are feature-rich but simple to use
  • Design and architecture to manage user demand

Curotec Answers the Full Range of Mobile Development Needs

Whether you need developers to make your app a reality, expertise to build groundbreaking functionality, or end-to-end mobile application development, Curotec is your partner of choice.


360-degree Mobile App Development Experience

  • Product teams that listen to client and end-user needs
  • Resources that can help your teams or run with the project
  • Advanced mobile development experience to leverage new technologies
  • User and visual design to make your mobile app a joy to use
  • Application and e-commerce experience that translates to mobile
  • Create a mobile app from the ground up, or improve an existing application

Our Experience
Goes Beyond Apps

We’re a mobile app development company – and so much more. With Curotec, you’ll have access to a partner with a breadth of knowledge and experience across industries and solutions – experience we’ll draw on to take your mobile application concept and make it a success.