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We offer dedicated engineers across all shores
with a deep specialization in WordPress, Laravel and Vue.js/Nuxt.js.

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Boosting Talent Acquisition

Success in today’s software talent market means taking advantage of opportunities to acquire great talent wherever it may arise. For technology companies, that means having access to multiple streams of talent, both short and long-term, to get the job done.

We work right alongside your in-house talent acquisition department to offer your company access to highly sought after contract engineers that blend right in to your existing in-house staff. We also offer this across all shores which means we cover North America, Latin America and South Asia talent pools.

Dedicated Engineering Team

Our model is highly flexible and allows you to fully customize the team you contract from us, including the specific roles, location, and skill level of the individuals. We’ll build you a team that meets your exact needs.

Full-stack Developers

With a specialization in Laravel and Vue.js, we'll supply your engineering team with excellent candidates across all shores with quick turnaround. 

Product Management

Lead your product to success with an experienced Product Manager, Product Owner, and Scrum Master for your Agile team. 

Software Architect

We'll supply your team with a highly experienced Software Architect to ensure the right decisions are being made upfront so that your product is set up for success. 

DevOps and Cloud

Our DevOps and Cloud Engineers ensure that you keep infrastructure up and running so that your users always have access to a secure environment.

Contract to Hire

Offload the cost, time, and risk burden of recruiting while also giving your team the benefit of developing a long term culture by converting contract talent to direct employed. 


Our sourcing and talent bench span all-shores including North America, Latin America, and South Asia(India & Pakistan). Tap into our global talent pipeline with ease. 

How it Works

Step 1.

You get in touch with us and schedule an initial call.

Step 2.

We meet for 30 minutes to understand your talent needs and submit qualified folks that meet that criteria.

Step 3.

You select the individuals that best fit and conduct your own interview with them.

Step 4.

Once you’re thoroughly impressed, we ink the paperwork and you onboard your newest engineering team members.

Work with us as your Technical Talent Partner

Whether you have a short term staff augmentation need or require skilled resources for a long term contracted position, Curotec simplifies the staff augmentation process.


We understand software teams and have:

Extensive experience in hiring top talent

A deep focus in the Laravel and Vue.js ecosystem

Fully vetted and experienced personnel for project success


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We're also here for
Projects and Support

If you’re not ready to spin up an augmented team, but still need some help with a carved out project, tech stack consulting, or ongoing support, we’re still happy to help. Get in touch with us to learn more.