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Technology Outsourcing for Today’s Business Needs

Success in business today means taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. For technology projects, that means having access to dependable and cost-effective IT professionals who can quickly create innovative solutions for short and long-term time frames as a fractional or full-time resource.

Companies rely on Curotec to provide the skilled resources and right-sized teams for a variety of projects – from IT outsourcing or staff augmentation to full project teams.

IT Workforce Expertise

On-shore & Off-Shore

Meet your project goals with resources that are on-shore, off-shore, or a hybrid of both to balance cost, experience, and availability. 

Staff Aug & Project Resourcing

Get the technical staffing solutions you need, from a few resources with pivotal skills to a rapidly staffed, end-to-end project team.

Contract to Hire

Many companies that are hiring for key technical roles don't want to deal with the recruiting and also want to try out a candidate before they commit to hiring them. Our contract to hire options are a great fit for that case. 

Project Management

Lead your project to success with a experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, QA Testers, and CSM/CPO Agile Leaders. 

Application Developers

The lifeblood of your IT project depends on having quality engineers. We offer that expertise across a multitude of diciplines including Javascript, Node, React, PHP, Python, Ruby, Android, iOS, and more. 

DevOps and Cloud

Businesses rely on the cloud to run applications, automate security and redundancy, scale resources, and deploy new code. We've got the on-demand talent you require. 

E-commerce Projects

E-commerce development and replatforming projects require a lot of skillsets and people-power to complete, but not nearly as much to support ongoing and we provide that interim staff to support your big lifts. 

Big Data & Analytics

Companies are producing more data than ever and having an equally difficutlt time making sense of it. Having the right data team in place can help you extract critical insights from your data. 

Virtual CIO and CTO

Consider a virtual CIO or CTO if you see the need to think about IT strategically in your organization, but are not ready to hire a full-time executive just yet.

When to Consider IT Outsourcing

Eliminate the overwhelm of IT staffing and outsourcing.

Curotec’s Technology Experience Delivers:

  • Staffing strategy and recommendations to meet business and project needs
  • Skilled resources to match project scope
  • Sourcing of experienced developers, architects, and digital solutions resources
  • Teams that exceed your expectations

Work with us as your Technical Talent Partner

Whether you have a short term staff augmentation need or require skilled resources for a long term contracted position, Curotec simplifies the outsourcing process.


We understand IT projects and resources and have:

Extensive experience in hiring top talent

Fully vetted and experienced resources for project success

Knowledgable teams with experience in a variety of tech stacks


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