PHP - LAMP Stack

LAMP stack combines Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP into one robust and widely adopted web development architecture. LAMP is used in common frameworks including Wordpress, Magento, and Laravel. Websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Flickr use this stack, and we use it too in the majority of our projects.


jQuery is the most popular cross-platform JavaScript library in use today powering 50 percent of all websites worldwide. jQuery supports feature rich pages by animating and creating elements as well as performing AJAX requests and refreshing content on the page. jQuery saves time during development which is why we use it on many of our projects.


Wordpress is the most popular content management framework on the web and is used by 23 percent of the top 10 million websites on the internet. Wordpress is our go to content management framework as well. Our core skill sets on around Wordpress include custom theme development, custom plugin development, and large content migrations.


Laravel is an MVC(Model View Controller) architecture web application development framework written in PHP. Laravel allows developers to more quickly produce web applications with advanced functionality by reducing the amount of time spent writing code. This is our go-to framework for any project with custom requirements.

Shell Scripting

Shell scripting is a powerful way to automate Linux, Unix and BSD tasks at the OS level. This could include backups, resource management, security scans, and more. Our team has highly refined skills working with shell and hundreds of different command line tools in mission critical production environments.


Cordova is a web technology based mobile application development framework that is compatible with over a dozen different mobile OS's including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry with only a single code base. With this framework we can rapidly develop a project or prototype an idea for a client.


Linux is one of the most widely adopted operating systems for website and app hosting due to its high security, reliability, and modularity. Our team has experience setting up shared environments, virtual private cloud environments, enterprise scale load balanced environments, and more on both Red Hat and Debian based distributions.


AngularJS is a Javascript MVC(Model View Controller) framework for building rich single page applications that run in the web browser. The framework is maintained by Google with contributions from many other well known sources. This framework excels in situations where an application relies on API calls to a server to get data, resulting in a streamlined user experience with little to no page refreshes.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a rapid application development framework written in Ruby. It allows developers to jump right into writing the application and ultimately saves time and money. If your company has a project that needs to be prototyped or developed on the rails framework we would be happy to assist.


Node.JS is a cross-environment server side framework for building custom web and network applications. Node is a great fit for applications requiring real time data transfer on the web. Node has been proven in production, and frameworks such as Cordova and MeteorJS rely on Node as their underlying foundation.


MeteorJS is a real time full stack web application development framework using JavaScript everywhere. The framework allows for rapid prototyping of web and mobile applications by integrating with Cordova. MeteorJS is a great choice to develop a quick proof of concept for a variety of project types.


ColdFusion is a language and rapid application development platform developed by Adobe, and has been used in production since 1995. ColdFusion is commonly used in production by many fortune 500 companies and public organizations that rely on the support that comes along with it.


SalesForce is an SaaS (Software as a Service) company with an entire range of cloud based products, including their flagship customer relations management system, and a full collection of online business tools and development platforms. We can help with Salesforce development and implementation for your business needs.


Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, with over 250,000 merchants leveraging the platform from around the globe. Built as an open source application, Magento is flexible enough for the largest brands (including Zumiez, Christian Louboutin, and Coca-Cola) and cost effective enough for smaller merchants.